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Series Length:6 Seasons, 180 Episodes
Network: CBS

I Love Lucy is a classic American sitcom. This ground-breaking, award-winning comedy show is one of the most popular shows of all time. During its six-year run, I Love Lucy was the number one show in the Nielsen ratings four times. The final season of I Love Lucy also captured the top spot, making I Love Lucy the first show to ever end its run on top. This show remains popular even today, attracting more than 40 million viewers each year.

The show, which aired from 1951 to 1957, follows the life of title character Lucy Ricardo, played by legendary comedienne Lucille Ball. Lucy is married to Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban American played by Ball's husband at the time, Desi Arnaz. Ricky, like Arnaz, is a bandleader and singer who is slowly making his way in the world. Lucy is ambitious but untalented and dreams of joining Ricky in show business. The pair form a deep friendship with their upstairs neighbors and landlords, Fred and Ethel Mertz, played by William Frawley and Vivian Vance.

Several episodes of I Love Lucy are counted among the best television episodes of all time. Many critics and fans are especially fond of Lucy Does a TV Commercial. In this episode, Lucy schemes her way into acting in a commercial. However, the product she tries to pitch is foul-tasting and incredibly intoxicating. As filming progresses, Lucy becomes completely inebriated and her attempts to pitch the product, Vitameatavegamin, become increasingly inept.

I Love Lucy was the first television show to be filmed on 35mm film; the stars of the show, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, insisted that the show be filmed on 35mm film so that the show could be produced in Hollywood instead of New York. I Love Lucy was also one of the first shows to be filmed with multiple cameras in front of a live studio audience, giving the show an authenticity and continuity that would set it apart from its rivals.

In addition to its use of 35mm cameras, I Love Lucy also pioneered the idea of the rerun. During the second season of I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball needed extra time off due to her advanced pregnancy. Rather than take the show off the air, Desi Arnaz convinced the studio to re-air episodes from the first season. These reruns were an unexpected hit, keeping viewers engaged and interested in the show.

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Status: Ended
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 8.9/10
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  • Colorized version of the Christmas show. It's Christmas Eve and Ricky warns his young son: "Santa won't bring the tree and the presents until you go to sleep." It takes some effort to cajole the boy, but after Lucy convinces him that Santa will have no trouble coming down the chimney ("he brings the North Pole with him and slides down it like a fireman."), he's off to bed. The coast clear, Fred and Ethel arrive with a Christmas tree. "It's a gift from me and Ebenezer," Ethel reveals about the five-dollar fir. The four friends begin to trim the tree until Lucy discovers "a branch on the right side that spoils the shape." Fred solves the symmetry problem with a pocket saw as Ricky says to Lucy, "Our lives have sure been different ever since you told me you were going to have a baby." We flash back to the sentimental moment at the Tropicana in 1952 when Lucy breaks the baby news to Ricky (from "Lucy is Enceinte"). This reminiscence over, we discover that Fred got carried away with his saw while listening to the baby tale - the tree is now a spindly stripling. While Fred goes off in search of a replacement, Ethel and Ricky start singing "Jingle Bells," but when Lucy joins in with her off-key rendition, they recall, once again in a flashback sequence, the barbershop quartet harmonizing of "Sweet Adeline" (from "Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song"). With the last note sung, we return to the Ricardo apartment just as Fred enters with a new tree - he got this "last minute" one for only fifty cents. The foursome starts decorating the tree and discussing Little Ricky's Christmas gifts, as Ethel realizes: "It seems like only yesterday he was born." This is the perfect lead-in to a flashback of Ricky, Fred, and Ethel rehearsing Lucy's trip to the hospital (from "Lucy Goes to the Hospital"). Finally, it's Christmas morning. The four principals are up early and wearing Santa outfits. When they hear Little Ricky approaching the living room, they hasten to the kitchen so the boy won't be disillusioned by seeing four Santas. Suddenly, however, there are five St. Nicks crowding the kitchen - who's the real one? The "real" one disappears optically as the Ricardos and Mertzes stare into the camera and say, hesitantly, "Merry Christmas, everybody."

  • Lucy accidentally destroys a commissioned statue and must impersonate it for the unveiling ceremony.

  • Lucy tries to win "Best Looking Garden" but her neighbor's garden and a power mower stand in her way

  • Lucy leads a glamour revolt among the suburban housewives when their husbands are momentarily overwhelmed by a pretty visitor at a country club dance.

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