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In The Night Garden is a favorite show of many young children. The show comes from the UK but has gained popularity outside of the UK as well. The characters on the show are children's toys and the show is like a nursery rhyme story book. The toys from In The Night Garden are Makka Pakka, Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, The Haahoos, The Tombliboos (Unn, Ooo and Eee)and Ninky Nonk. Ninky Nonk is the unique train that transports them throughout the world of the special Night Garden children seemingly adore.

The Night Garden is full of sunshine and bright colors. It is a cheerful and comforting place for the show's characters to interact within. Every episode begins with a young child in their bed as a narrator in the background properly introduces children to the story about to begin. We cut away to Igglepiggle sailing away in his boat on an adventure that will take him to the Night Garden. Every episode comes to a close with one of the characters recieving a bedtime tale coming from the gazebo located in the middle of the Night Garden.

The final finish comes with Igglepiggle refusing to go to bed and a special goodbye routine. Then children watch as their beloved Night Garden retreats into the sky. Meanwhile Igglepiggle has fallen sound asleep, afloat in his trusty boat as the credits roll by on the screen. The show was created with an intention of helping children with bedtime, in turn helping their frazzled parents. The show has a calming effect that many other shows do not provide. It can relax children and help them to trust their parents when bedtime comes. They will learn bedtime is a necessary part of life and nothing to fear.

The show In The Night Garden has generated several different awards for their creative approach to taming bedtime fears. The show has created a line of the shows characters that children can have for their own bedtime and it even spawned a live theatrical show. If your child is having issues with anxiety over bedtime or just needs a little help winding down and finding a calmer state, then In The Night Garden may be a show for your family to watch.

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In The Night Garden Full Episode Guide

  • Upsy Daisy is riding in the Pinky Ponk when she sees her bed. She gets off the Pinky Ponk and decides to have a rest in her bed. Igglepiggle is trying to find somewhere soft to have a rest. Upsy Daisy gets up after her rest and goes for a walk. Igglepiggle then gets into Upsy Daisy's bed. Only Upsy Daisy is allowed to sleep in Upsy Daisy's bed-Upsy Daisy's coming back! Out jumps Igglepiggle and off they chase-what fun. Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy are best friends.

  • Everything in the garden is so noisy that Igglepiggle moves away to find a quiet place to be by himself. Once there, he misses all his friends until Upsy Daisy comes to find him.

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