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Professor Iris, is a purple ibis who wears over sized bow ties and provides enthusiastic lessons for a class that includes a falsetto-voiced piano, a plant and a skeleton fresh from a closet.

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1 Season, 52 Episodes
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Iris, the Happy Professor Full Episode Guide

  • There are so many different kinds of voices.., high, low, young, old. Your voice helps you talk and whisper and sing. But what happens when you lose your voice? Ms. Principal finds out, right on the day of her big singing concert!

  • What happens when you put on a costume? Or a wig? Or a mask? Lots of fun, as Professor iris and the gang find out when they have a costume party.

  • Professor Iris is dog-sitting and brings his cousin's dog, Bruno to class with him. Bruno helps the gang learn about dogs... and gives Ms. Principal for a good run for her money!

  • They come in all sizes and colors... and they don't only come from birds! Some of them have baby animals in them and others are good to eat.

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