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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is part of the Late Night franchise. It is much in the tradition of all late night talk shows that got their start with The Tonight Show. It is filmed in front of a live studio audience at the GE Building in New York City. The show is 60 minutes in duration. It is aired on weeknights on NBC at 12:35 AM Eastern Time. Jimmy Fallon is the host of the show. The announcer is Steve Higgins. The show also has a house band, The Roots, who are known for their hip hop and soul music.

The show always opens with a comedic monologue by Fallon. The show then goes to a short commercial break. It then moves on to prerecorded comedy sketches, audience competitions and some kind of comedy bit with Fallon at his desk. The show then will go to the second commercial break.

When the show returns from its second commercial break, the first celebrity guest of the night will be brought out. Fallon interviews all kinds of celebrity guests. He invites politicians, actors, sports figures, comedians, musicians and media figures to appear on the show.

After Fallon gets done interviewing the first celebrity guest of the evening, the show will go to its third commercial break. When the show comes back from the third commercial break, Fallon brings out the second celebrity guest of the evening and interviews them. The first guest remains there and takes part in the second celebrity interview.

After the second interview ends, the show goes to its fourth and final commercial break. When the final commercial break is over, some kind of performance will happen. This is most often a musical performance by a guest band. Sometimes it is a performance by a comedian, and rarely a celebrity chef will appear to give a cooking performance. As soon as the performance is over, Fallon thanks the performer and bids goodnight to the audience. The credits roll and Fallon runs out the building through the crowd, giving them high fives along the way.

The show is known for its use of music and social media. Many of the most famous musicians in the world have appeared on the show. Fallon often performs bits in which he plays a guitar and sings to comedic affect. The show also often incorporates social media clips, and does a lot of promotion through social media as well.

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Jimmy Fallon Totally Blew a Date with Nicole Kidman...Because He Didn't Know It Was a Date

Most of us have probably had a situation where we totally screwed up a first date. But for most of us, that date probably wasn't with Nicole Kidman. The Aussie actress appeared on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to talk to Fallon about her new movie, "Paddington." The conversation took a turn, though, when Kidman revealed that she had gone on a date of sorts with Fallon a long time ago...only Fallon didn't know it was a date. As Nicole tells it, she was into Jimmy back in the day, and had a mutual friend set them up.

Jimmy Fallon's 'Lip Sync Battle' Is Going to Be a Show Now

Here's a weird concept for a game show. "Lip Sync Battle" is the Spike network's newest pickup, a game show based on the recurring segment seen on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and, more recently, "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." The rules are simple: You lip-sync to a song and make it as epic and stylish as you can. Whoever gives the best performance, wins the game. Of course, the rules might be a little different on the show to keep things interesting, but that's how things go on Fallon's show when he faces off with celebrities.

Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama Groove in 'The Evolution of Mom Dancing'

To ease you into another long week of the mundane, enjoy a video of Jimmy Fallon dancing… with the first lady. Yes, that’s right. To help promote her campaign, Let’s Move, which encourages moms to get out there and get moving with their children, Mrs. Obama herself appears in the short clip from "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." Did you know? The First Lady can dance. Obama and Fallon start out slow, with some basic rhythms in the clip, entitled “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.

Feel-Good Video of the Day: U.S. Marines Lip Sync 'Call Me Maybe'

With the news of the shooting coming out of Aurora today, you might be finding yourself in need of a pick-me-up. I know I am. Thankfully, we have the U.S. Marines, who are here to prove that they can not only protect our freedom, but also be pretty entertaining. A group of Marines in Afghanistan, lead by USO worker Eric Raum, decided to get together and make a lip sync video for Carly Rae Jepsen's diabolically catchy hit "Call Me Maybe." Why? Because why not? Raum said that he heard the song on a recent trip to the States, and was surprised at how big the song had gotten, and so quickly.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Make 'Call Me Maybe' Awesome with Toy Instruments (VIDEO)

I know, I know, "Call Me Maybe" is on that breaking point where we're all about to be very, very sick of it (if we aren't already). But listen: Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performed the song with Carly Rae Jepsen on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" using only toy instruments found in a classroom. It's just enough to make the song totally awesome again. Fallon, who is known for taking on musical performances with guests on his talk show, handles percussion on a small drum and a tambourine, while Jepsen takes the lead vocals and adds some triangle.

Dave Matthews Brings New Song To 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

Welcome back, Dave Matthews. Quite honestly, it's like you'd never left. The Dave Matthews Band lead singer and namesake took last night's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" stage, and  alongside The Roots' Captain Kirk Douglas delivered a stripped-down take on "Mercy" from this year's upcoming album. Though Matthews comes across as subdued, contemplative and tender as he often does when it's reduced to he and a six-string, longtime Dave Matthews Band producer Steve Lillywhite cautioned not to get used to "Mercy" being so lightly flavored.

Lindsay Lohan Describes Plea For 'SNL' Gig On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

Oh, it's just not fair sometimes. Imagine if schedules had been flipped, Lil' Wayne had made his scheduled "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance last night, and Lindsay Lohan had guested on Kimmel's show instead of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." America could've been treated to the two troubled entertainers exchanging fairly-recent legal system tour impressions. When the troubled-but-reforming actress sat down last night with Fallon, he asked that she confirm that it was in fact she who broached a fourth career gig hosting "SNL," this time alongside former White Stripes singer Jack White.

Watch Jimmy Fallon Birth The Glammed-Out Jesus Freak Mash-Up 'Tebowie'

Suppose some marvel of mad science built a celebrity-fusing super-collider. Suppose you somehow lured ultra-pious Denver Broncos quarterback phenom Tim Tebow and a "Ziggy Stardust"-era David Bowie into this thing. Don't get hung up asking who would do that, or why. Let's just do the time-warp again, and go with it, savvy? "Late Night" snark-meister Jimmy Fallon's Nobel Prize probably isn't exactly in the mail, but behold his creation that answers this seconds-old, provocative query: "Tebowie.

Louis C.K.'s Special Hits $1 Million, Money Goes to Charity (VIDEO)

When comedian Louis C.K.'s experimental comedy special, which he funded himself and offered online for just $5, hit a total of half a million dollars in revenue over just three days, we were pretty impressed. Now, ten days after the special was posted, C.K. has brought in more than $1 million from the video, selling them at just $5 a pop with no DRM or protections against piracy. That's even more impressive. But the most impressive thing about the whole experiment? Louis is giving a quarter of the money away to charity.

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