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Magi follows the events of a young boy named Aladdin who wants to travel around the world for new adventures. During his journey, he encounters a young man named Alibaba, who is striving to be able to explore the dungeon of Amon so he can be rewarded with its treasures. They both become friends immediately and go to Amon to claim the treasure for themselves.

Aladdin is then teleported to a far away land, where he is away from his other friends. He discovers that he holds the power of a Magi, where he has the ability to channel and control life energy around him and turn it into power. His friend, Alibaba decides to sacrifice his treasure to set all of the slaves in the city free once again, including Aladdin's friend, Morgiana.

Aladdin and Morgiana eventually reunite with Alibaba in Balbadd. They both find out that Alibaba has recently joing a group called the Fog Troupe, which are thieves who oppose the ways of King Abhmad, who is surprisingly the older half-brother to Alibaba.

Aladdin, Morgiana and Alibaba decide to go to Sindria, where they can learn to strengthen their abilities to put an end to the evil organization, Al Sarmen, who plans to spread fear and chaos across the entire world, for their own personal reasons. Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana encounter Prince Hakuryuu Ren, who gladly volunteers to help the tro take over the Zagan dungeon. After the group is finished training, they decide to go their separate ways. Aladdin decides that he wants to learn more about magic, so he enrolls in the Magnostadt Academy so he can effectively do his part with the others in stopping the evil empire, and take back Balibadd. Alibaba learns to master his craft as a swordsman, Morgiana tries to make her dreams come true by visiting her homeland, and Hakuryuu goes back to the Kou empire.

2 Seasons, 50 Episodes - Canceled
October 7, 2012
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  • Can the allies be able to stop their common enemy in this final episode?

  • As Aladdin, Alibaba, and their allies attempt to stop the Medium, a creature appears. Taking away Rukh from anything, the creature seems to be invincible. However... there are some surprise guests who arrive at this battle...

  • In an attempt to stop the battle, Aladdin asks Kouen to pull back his troops. In the meantime, to prevent the world from being destroyed, the Djinns want the Dark Spot sealed off. Will Aladdin and his allies be able to destroy the Medium?

  • The Black Djinn prolong in wreaking havoc, forcing Alibaba to seek an unlikely ally. Scheherazade, defending the Leam ships, can't help but worry for Titus as he makes a hard decision in the remaining time they have left.

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