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Magnum P.I. is a show starring Tom Selleck as the title character. As a private investigator, Magnum is hired by a new client in every episode and receives a new case to work on. The show combines elements of suspense, action and humor. The personality of Magnum is offset by his man servant Higgins. Where Magnum is free spirited and chaotic in his personal life, Higgins is extremely organized and methodical. The deadpan answers Higgins provides to Magnum's witty banter adds to the shows appeal. While Magnum does work on his own he does have two friends who show up in every episode to help him out. These characters are known as T.C., who is a helicopter pilot and Rick, who runs a club.

The settings for each episode are often very eye-catching as the show is filmed in Hawaii. There are story lines which showcase the islands beautiful landscape as well as some of its more popular establishments. The cases Magnum agrees to take are often filled with danger, espionage and action. There are high speed chase scenes as well as shoot-outs with armed criminals. An element of danger is woven into every story, which can include kidnappings and murder. As each story unfolds, it often becomes a mystery which needs to be solved by following different leads.

During the course of his investigation, Magnum will visit many people involved with the case and question them thoroughly. He often discuses some of his findings with Higgins, who can provide some insight into what might be taking place. Magnum lives in the lap of luxury in a beautiful estate with well tended grounds. He also has two Doberman Pinschers he fondly refers to as his lads. He drives sporty cars and enjoys dating a variety of different women. Despite his playboy lifestyle, Magnum is very good at his job. He has many contacts around the island who provide him with information when he needs it. He is quick, clever and an extremely good with a gun.

8 Seasons, 162 Episodes - Canceled
October 24, 1980
Drama, Action & Adventure
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  • Magnum continues his watch of Linda as she is stalked by a psychopathic killer. Meanwhile, as Rick's wedding looms, T.C. seeks to reconcile with his ex-wife, and Magnum finds out new which concerns his theory that Higgins is really Robin Masters, as well as Lily's true fate.

  • Magnum receives a phone call from Hawaii while visiting his family in Virginia, which has him racing back to romance and danger and maybe even Robin Master's real identity.

  • Magnum receives some unwanted help from Luther Gillis, a St. Louis based detective when he assists Higgins in a search for Robin Masters' stolen manuscript.

  • Higgins is in search for a priceless ancient scroll in which he believes had been created by an advanced culture.

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