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Mighty Machines is a Canadian live-action, documentary-style series catering to young children. Little boys and girls are fascinated with how things like airplanes, fire engines, and construction vehicles work. Mighty Machines takes a look at all of these. However, instead of using a regular voice-over person to provide description, the program is narrated from the perspective of one of the machines themselves, giving the viewers a personal look at how they operate. In addition, the machine in focus is given a name, for example, a Formula One racecar named Goldstar or a ladder truck known as King.

Mighty Machines' first season premiered in 1994 with 12 episodes, each one focusing on a different large vehicle or, in some cases, several vehicles. For instance, the first installment focused on a number of jumbo jets as they were prepped and cleaned for use. In another first season episode an 18-wheeler truck named Big Haus showed the audience its cab and trailer and described the work it did. Most of Mighty Machines' original season focused on vehicles and equipment used in around cities and towns.

The second series, which originally aired in 2004, moved away from urban areas to focus on the big machines used in other industries. An early episode featured Ranger, Driller, and Crusher, three machines that found, scooped up, and transported the material from salt mines. Another installment starred Sambraro, a Coast Guard rescue boat that assisted in recovery of people from stormy seas. The last season of Mighty Machines, produced in 2008, returned viewers to familiar locations but focused on different equipment, such as a Coast Guard hovercraft, and discussed how vehicles like airplanes were built.

Mighty Machines has been nominated for several awards since its premiere, including a 1996 Gemini Award for best Children's Program or Series. The show currently runs on Canada's national TVO and Treehouse TV networks, the UK's Discovery Kids, and Qubo in the United States.

Discovery Kids
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
October 27, 1995
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Mighty Machines Full Episode Guide

  • Pipelines carrying oil, gas and other petroleum products are buried underground all over the world.

  • Tow trucks are a special type of machine because they help other machines get out of trouble.

  • Ever wonder how a newspaper is made? Charlie, the printing press, is three stories high and as long as a city block.

  • Forks, the big front-end loader, takes cars to be stripped, then feeds them into Big Mouth, a machine that squashes cars as flat as pancakes.

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