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Naruto: Shippuden is an animated series with thirteen seasons and nearly 300 episodes under its belt and is the continuation from the Naruto manga series. The series itself was based of a one-shot comic created in Japan from the late 90s. The character Naruto is a fresh faced blonde adolescent. The show first aired in Toyko in Febuary of 2007. The series airs with English subtitles so you don't have to worry about a possible language barrier or not being able to follow the series and comprehend what is going on.

The premise of the series starts 20 years before when Naruto is a small child who is abused, there is a strong and powerful creature called Nine-tailes Demon Fox who attacks the small village that Naruto is from and decimates everything in its path. Somehow the Demon Fox is inside of Naruto who apparently doesn't know it and has been sworn to secrecy along with the rest of the remaining village. Naruto grows up and becomes fascinated with martial arts and the way of the ninja and their many techniques. A young Naruto is fooled into stealing a scroll that would teach him a special ninja technique, but is stopped by his instructor Iruka Umino. Umino also dies by the hand of the renegade ninja Mizuki, while attempting to protect Naruto. Mizuki reveals Naruto's dark secret which results in Naruto using his martial arts techniques to defeat Mazuki. Later, Naruto forms a team with a young maiden whom he has a crush on called Team 7. The team is assembles as a means of protection for the village. Naruto is a servant of good and uses his powers to protect those who can't.

The team's main mission is to go on adventures and missions in order to move up in rank and ultimately go on more challenging missions. In order to move up they have to pass an exam testing their ninja techniques. While the exams are taking place, Orochimaru, a vigilante at the top of Konoha's (an elite ninja) most wanted list, jumps Konoha and kills the Third Hokage in an act of revenge. The act of revenge motivates a legendary ninja to find a teammate and join forces. Orochimaru, the renegade ninja; craves Sasuke for his powerful genetic heritage, as Orochimaru thinks the power will help him kill another also as an act of revenge. Naruto is sent with a group of ninjas to make Sasuke return to Konoha. Naruto fails at this mission, but doesn't give up and eventually leaves Konoha's village to train and become a better ninja as the journey continues.

Once the training period is complete there is a new criminal gang to attend to Akatsuki. This gang is in search of power specifically nine powerful tailed beasts that can be found in people which means that Naruto is a wanted man by the Akatsuki. Naruto, Team 7 and several other ninja fight the criminal gang. Unfortunately, Akatsuki is successful in capturing seven if the nine holders of the tailed beasts as the seven end up dying during the battle. Meanwhile, Sasuke betrays Orochimaru and takes revenge on Itachi, who dies in battle. Once an allied force for Naruto, Sasuke joins the criminal gang Akatsuki.

Time passes and a plethora of Akatsuki members die in battle by several opposing ninjas their leader, Pain, attempts to invade the village where Naruto is staying and capture him. However, Naruto defeats Pain and convinces him to abandon the Akatsuki. A new character emerges, Tobi who is repulsed as one of Konoha's founding fathers Madara Uchiha- (also a founding father of Konoha) declares that he wants to capture all nine of the tailed beasts controlling everyone, his main mission is to gain the power in order to do so. Yet another enemy for Naruto to attempt to defeat in the ongoing quest for peace for his village and people. The enemy turns out to be a mistaken identity and someone who was believed to be dead, the discovery takes place during a ninja fourth world war and that is there the story is at to this point.

The main purpose of the series is about a young man whose on a journey to become the greatest, most revered, well respected, and admired patron of his village by becoming an all powerful ninja.

Wednesday 8:30 PM et/pt on TV Tokyo
9 Seasons, 481 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 28, 2009
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  • Sasuke and Itachi have a chance to spend some time alone when their parents are away. Meanwhile, Sakura is very shy and tends to spend her free time by herself. One day, her new friend Ino gives her a present

  • As a result of having the Nine Tails sealed inside of him, Naruto is feared and hated by the villagers. Elsewhere, in the Leaf Village, a celebration is held to mark Hinata's third birthday, where she meets Neji for the first time.

  • This is the story of the boy who blew through the hearts of all like a "shippu," an irresistible gale. This is the story of Naruto Uzumaki.

  • Naruto and Sasuke are enveloped in a huge, intense light after exchanging attacks.

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