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Series Length:1 Season, 3 Episodes
Schedule: Sunday, Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Syfy

The Syfy network's fantasy/adventure mini-series Neverland, tells the Peter Pan story from a new perspective. A young Peter, played by Charlie Rowe, is commanded by his mentor Jimmy Hook, played by Rhys Ifans, to embark on a mission to obtain a mysterious and magical orb that will transport them to the mysterious and everlasting world called Neverland. Peter is not alone on his mission, as he is joined by his closest pals who are known for their pickpocketing thievery.

In Episode 1, after the team of juvenile petty thieves are whisked away to a magical world after obtaining the orb, they meet a gang of pirates, including Captain Elizabeth Bonny played by Anna Friel. As they journey through this mysterious, strange world, viewers are introduced to many other key characters, including Dr. Fludd, played by Charles Dance, Tinker Bell, played by Keira Knightley, Holy Man, played by Raoul Trujillo, and others.

The fantasy and excitement continues in Episode 2 as the team begins their mission to return to England. In this Episode, Peter acquires the ability to take flight and has to use his newfound powers to stop Jimmy Hook, who betrayed him in Episode 1. After a series of exciting and mysterious events, Peter is faced with the opportunity to leave Neverland and return to his home land. Peter makes a monumental decision that could forever change his life.

Neverland is written and directed by Nick Willing, a british director who has also directed several other fantasy films, including the 1999 television film Alice in Wonderland, and 1997 fantasy film, Photographing Fairies. The series, based in the United Kingdom, is produced by Parallel Films Sky Movies Production Company. It consisted of two episodes, which were originally aired December 4 and December 5, 2011.

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Status: New Series
Rating: 6.1/10
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  • The pirates make their way back to the ship, with Jimmy vowing to find a way to get the power of flight before he returns to England. Meanwhile Peter is brought to the tree spirit colony by Tinker Bell and after being healed is immersed in a pool filled with the mineral dust, emerging with the ability to fly. The spirit elders tell him that he was recognized for his innocence and must use his new powers to stop Jimmy from finding the colony.Jimmy persuades the captain to risk traversing a ravine protected by the Natives, with Aaya as hostage. Halfway across, Peter cuts Aaya loose and flies away with her. Using the gang of boys as bait, Jimmy alone persuades Peter to show him the spirit colony and then they can return together. Once Jimmy reaches the forest, via the Natives' secret passage, he betrays Peter and reveals that the pirates have been following them. Forcing Peter to show them how it's done, Bonny immerses herself in the mineral dust pool, but burns up and dies upon emerging since she didn't have innocence in her heart. Secretly pleased that he is the new captain of the pirates, Jimmy forces Peter to show him the cave where he hid the orb. Peter manages to escape along with the boys. The tree spirits, angry that Peter lead Jimmy to them, try to erase Peter's memory so that the only thing left will be his childlike innocence, but they are interrupted by Tinker Bell who releases her astral energy on them. Ostracized from her people for that act, Tinker Bell joins up with Peter to try and stop Jimmy, now known as Captain Hook.The two groups meet in the cave where the orb is hidden. Peter and Hook fight over the orb, during which Hook tells Peter that the picture of the woman in a fob watch he carries is actually Peter's mother, to whom Hook swore an oath to protect her son, despite his hatred of Peter's father. While fighting Peter cuts off Hook's hand. Both the hand and the watch are swallowed by a giant crocodile. Hook manages to knock Peter unconscious and the cave begins to crumble. All the parties quickly escape except for Peter and Tinker Bell. Peter, instead of fleeing, revives Tinker Bell, and the cave collapses.Some time later, the boys are living with the Natives when they are surprised to see Peter reappear, dressed in a suit and accompanied by Tinker Bell. He tells them that he managed to activate the orb before the cave collapsed and did well for himself stealing some goods in London, which he gives to the boys. When asked why he came back to Neverland, knowing that now there is no way back to Earth, he tells them that there is adventure everywhere in this land.One of the boys suddenly points out to Peter his shadow is missing...

  • In 1906 London, Peter Pan is part of a gang of street thieves assembled by James "Jimmy" Hook. When Jimmy scores a major job, Peter talks the boys into pulling off the heist themselves to impress Jimmy. They steal a strange glowing orb from a gallery for a mysterious man. While Peter is off to the side, the boys and Jimmy gather around the orb. When Jimmy gives it a tap, Peter watches a glowing sphere encompass them and they disappear. Believing his friends dead, Peter runs to find the man for whom they stole the orb in order to exact revenge. The man tells Peter that they are still alive, so Peter hits the orb himself to see where they went. Jimmy and the boys find themselves in a strange land and are quickly captured by pirates led by Captain Elizabeth Bonny, but Fox manages to escape. They tell the gang that they are from the early 18th century and haven't aged since being there. The captain decides that Jimmy is useless and tries to have him thrown to the giant crocodiles, but Jimmy manages to fight off the crew. Having earned their respect, Jimmy is allowed to stay. In the captain's quarters, Bonny shows Jimmy a magical mineral dust that comes from the tree spirits that live on the island. The dust gives the power of flight, but she only has a small vial and does not have the knowledge of how to properly use it. She further explains that the tree spirit colony lies in a forest beyond the mountain range and the only passages are protected by a lost Kaw tribe. Jimmy agrees to help the pirates get to the tree spirits.Peter finds himself in the middle of a strange forest and has a quick reunion with Fox before they see a large swarm of tree spirits flying towards them. Running away, they stumble upon a group of Kaw hunters and are taken blindfolded through the secret passage to the Native village. The boys make friends with the Natives and meet the chief's daughter, Aaya. Peter makes an attempt to rescue the boys and Jimmy; while the boys are safe, Fox is killed when Peter returns for Jimmy, who stays on the ship.That night Peter has a strange dream in which he sees a hooded figure holding the orb on top of a mountain as meteorites rain down and a tree spirit races towards him. The next day, Peter notices that a scout had painted the scene he witnessed in his dream. Discussing the dream together they are able to work out where the mountain was that the scene took place, and so Peter and Aaya set out in search of the orb which will take them home. Meanwhile, back on the pirate ship, Hook and Bonny have a similar discussion and they too set off in search of the hooded man, hoping he will lead them to the tree spirit colony.On the way to the mountains, Peter and Aaya stumble upon a city grown entirely out of living trees. While exploring, they find the hooded man who reveals himself to be the mysterious benefactor who hired Jimmy's crew to steal the orb. He introduces himself as Dr. Fludd (Charles Dance), the royal alchemist for Queen Elizabeth I. He explains that he had discovered a planet which exists, paradoxically, at the edges and center of the universe and due to the strange nature of its position, time stands still. He created the orb as a way of transporting people to the planet, which he calls Neverland. The process of creating the sister to the orb, which can take the user from Neverland back to Earth, was what Peter had witnessed in his dream. The tree spirit from the dream thought that Fludd was in danger and tried to save him, instead imbuing her with "astral energy". Fludd named the spirit Tinker Bell, who can communicate through telepathy. He built the city as a Utopia where all the greatest scientific minds on Earth can live. While they plot out a way to rescue the rest of the crew from the pirates, they are interrupted by Jimmy, Bonny, and several pirates who enter the city. The two groups fight, Fludd is killed, Aaya is captured, and the pirates take the orb. Peter is stabbed by Bonny and thrown off of a balcony, assumed dead.

  • One Place. Endless Wonder. The 2-Night Syfy Original Movie Event Neverland December 4-5 at

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