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Nick Garrett decides to go Europe for a couples weeks on a trip backpacking however the trip turns out to be longer than anticipated. Try 10 years longer. While spending those 10 years in Europe he leaves behind his girlfriend, best friend and family. Now Garrett lives in luxury since he became a famous author. Stuck with writer's block and going to parties, social events and living in a loft apartment he just can't figure out what to write about for his next book. His agent books him a one day writing seminar at a college in his local town of Knights Ridge in Massachusetts.

Excited to be back home and welcomed by friends and family he feels as if its more for show and that he's not really a welcomed face home. He finds out that his former girlfriend has a 10 year old son and because of the age he wonders if he might be the father of the boy. Everyone including his best friend is upset about how he depicted everyone and the town in his books, and his friend is still upset that he walked out on a business deal they were in on together.

Realizing that it was gonna be a major adjustment for himself being back home Nick now knows that nothing will ever be the same again. Nick botches the on day seminar with a classic case of the nerves which in Nick's case of being a famous author is a bit ironic. When he learns that his ex girlfriend Hannah's son Sam has a peanut allergy like the members in his family his suspicion of his paternity is magnified and he pleads with the dean of the college to get a permanent job.

Later on in the show Nicks father also believes that Nick is the father of the boy after noticing how much the boys eyes look similar to his late wife. Nick confronts Hannah about the paternity of the boy but she shrugs it off saying that he wasn't. Later on Hannah and Nick start to have feelings come back and towards the end of the show he does confess his love for her.

2 Seasons, 19 Episodes - Canceled
March 15, 2007
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  • After Eddie's ex-girlfriend resurfaces, Janet must cope with her visit. Meanwhile, Hannah's arrest affects her engagement to Ray and Nick must decide whether he should take a job offer that would once again take him away from Knights Ridge.

  • A visit from Eddie's former girfriend (guest star Stacy Kiebler) sends Janet into a panic, Hannah is arrested, and Nick is offered a terrific career move.

  • While Nick, Eddie, Phil and Owen have problems with the women in their lives, they learn of the untimely death of their childhood crush.

  • Nick makes a shocking discovery that he is broke, while Hannah deals with her mom as she prepares for her wedding. Meanwhile, Jenny, the beer delivery girl who saved his life is asked out by Owen.

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