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Our America with Lisa Ling is a documentary series where controversial, thought-provoking topics are explored in detail. The show aims to give its audience a different perspective on controversial issues. The series also encourages viewers to reexamine or even change their beliefs about certain subjects.

In Our America with Lisa Ling, Ling covers a variety of subjects, such as the swinger lifestyle, the struggles transgender individuals face, sex offenders, faith healers, polygamy, online brides, the struggles veterans face, sex trafficking, and arranged marriage. Ling asks thought-provoking questions in her interviews and attempts to immerse herself into the lives of the individuals she features on the show.

In one episode, Ling examines the lives of five individuals who are in the process of becoming the opposite gender. These individuals were born as biological females or males but have always felt that they were the opposite gender. One of the people she features on the episode is a six-year-old girl named Kaylee, who was born as a biological boy named Harry. Ling showcases the struggle Kaylee's parents had coming to accept their biological son as a girl. At first, her parents had a difficult time with the notion, but they eventually learned to accept her for who she really is.

Another individual Ling features in this episode of Our America is Landon, an 18-year-old boy who was born as a biological girl. Landon asserts he can remember being miserable having to wear little girls' clothes as young as three years of age. He explains that as he reached puberty, he felt like his body was betraying him, and he began binding, a practice where elastic bandaging or a very heavy sports bra is used to compress the breasts. He allows Ling to accompany him to his doctor's appointment where we are allowed to see him receive his first testosterone shot.

Through episodes, such as this one, Lisa Ling encourages viewers to reexamine their thoughts and beliefs regarding specific, controversial topics. Ling's background as an American journalist allows her to portray unique perspectives on such topics as sex trafficking, arranged marriage, and the swinger lifestyle on her documentary series, Our America with Lisa Ling.

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February 15, 2011
Our America with Lisa Ling
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Our America with Lisa Ling Full Episode Guide

  • Lisa Ling interviews a woman in Philadelphia recovering from a kidnapping and a mother in Washington D.C. with a missing daughter.

  • Lisa revisits Latanya and Sophie two years into young motherhood.

  • Lisa revisits Travis Iosue in Texas 18 months after her initial report to see what he's been doing since he was registered a sex offender.

  • In Philadelphia, seven people are shot every day; Ling interviews activists that are determined to end gun violence in the City of Brotherly Love.

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