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Poltergeist the Legacy is a television series that was made in Canada. This show is in the horror genre and is therefore one that is thrilling and scary at the same time when watching it. This show aired from 1996 to 1999 and was about a secret society known as the Legacy. They were looking to protect the human population from the occult. Despite the name being Poltergeist, there is no relation between the show and the movie trilogy of the same name. When the show started out it was shown on the cable station Showtime. After three seasons the show was canceled. In recent years the show was released on home video so fans of the show will be able to purchase all of the seasons and episodes of this show at their own convenience.

The storyline of the show is quite intriguing. A group known as the Legacy was established in England, near London during the 6th century. This society was looking to gather ancient knowledge, collect artifacts and deal with paranormal problems. They were also looking to protect the human population from evil supernatural spirits. Shortly after the establishment of the secret society, it expanded all over the world. During the expansion of the organization they made branches in other cities and countries which had small groups of specialist members. In each house there is a ruling party known as a Precept. This individual wears a ring with a L logo on it. Over the course of the series other houses are mentioned but the show focuses on the San Francisco location. The main protagonist is Dr. Derek Rayne who is the Precept of the San Francisco house. He is in charge of the house which is located in a mansion on Angel Island. In order for the house to hide its true identity it poses as the Luna Foundation which collects artifacts and antiques along with participating in charitable causes. Throughout the show, the Legacy members always look to find the secrets of supernatural terror and protect people from the evil and darkness that is causes. Those who like shows with a horror theme will likely enjoy this show. Anyone who likes to watch shows that have suspense and thrills will also like this show quite a bit.

4 Seasons, 90 Episodes - Canceled
April 21, 1996
Science Fiction, Drama, Horror & Suspense
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  • A deck of anciet tarot cards provides a bit of fun for Alex, Derek and Nick at the Legacy House. However, each reading comes with painful reminders of what their work within the Legacy has cost each of them.

  • Nick comes home and isn't quite in a "Honey I'm Home" mood as his first priority is to kill Alex!! Realizing something is wrong Alex does the only thing she can do to protect herself and help her friend...tie him up and search the database for answers as Nick continues his hallucinagetic trip down memory lane.

  • Kat's insistence in once again renewing a friendship with Miranda puts her in mortal danger. Her refusal to listen to anyone but Miranda puts her soul in danger as her body is taken over and has no other option but to hope her family will find out the truth before its too late!

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