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Series Length:2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
Schedule: Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime

Lifetime's new docudrama, Preachers' Daughters, follows the lives of three families and the exploits of their young adult daughters. While the parents preach to their congregations about living a life that follows the rules of their faith, the daughters struggle to fit into the lifestyle their parents expect while dealing with typical teenaged temptations.

Taylor, just shy of eighteen, is the daughter of Marie and preacher Ken Coleman. Her father tries to keep the reins on his youngest daughter tight to make up for what he considers mistakes he made with his older children. Taylor attempts to keep a relationship with her religion but yearns for freedom causing her to act out and sneak around behind her parents' back.

Kolby has not one but two parents who are preachers. At sixteen, she is ready to start dating but finds herself embarrassed by her mother's frank talk of pre-marital sex and the way she grills the boy Kolby is interested in. Her father, an ex-wrestler turned traveling evangelist, also has issues with his youngest daughter growing up.

Pastor Mark Perry and his wife Cheryl try to use pray to control their daughters. Middle daughter Emily faces daily temptation while living life as a model in Los Angeles. Olivia, their youngest daughter at eighteen, veered away from a religious life to party hard, which resulted in an unwed pregnancy. Olivia was so out of control that she was unsure of the paternity of her daughter. She struggles to get her life together and relies on family and her renewed faith to be a good mother to her daughter, Eden. Olivia has to earn back her parents' trust and come to terms with her actions when she learns the identity of her daughter's father isn't who she wants it to be.

The parents strive to find the balance between preaching their beliefs and letting their daughters grow up. The girls work to enjoy their adolescence while trying to keep with the expectations that come with their religion.

Preachers' Daughters is produced by Golden Globe winner and Emmy-nominated Thinkfactory Media. It appears on Lifetime on Tuesday nights.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Drama, Family, Reality
Rating: 10/10
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  • Kolby goes on a trip without asking her parents' permission.

  • Megan goes on a date instead of adhering to her punishment. Taylor learns some tragic news about her dad.

  • Terry and Chad face their marital issues. Church members criticize Megan's behavior during a youth event. Tori tries proving herself to her parents with a dance. Taylor gives up on school. Ken has a revelation about his health.

  • Megan's brother Zach finishes rehab. Tori fails to show up for a job interview and Taylor auditions for a zombie film. Meanwhile, Victoria teaches her daughters a lesson about premarital sex.

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