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Restaurant Impossible is shown on the food network. This show takes a trouble restaurant where business is failing and the owner is in serious debt and gives it a complete makeover. Successful chef Robert Irvine is called out to the restaurant to assess the problem. Restaurant are often in desperate need of a makeover and often serve poor quality food. Business has also slowed to a point where the owner is losing thousands of dollars a month and may soon go out of business. There may be cleanliness issues in the kitchen that have to be resolved as well.

Robert has a designer on staff who decides how to redecorate the restaurant. He also has a builder to make any needed changes. He has to design a whole new menu that is tasty yet easy enough for the kitchen staff to make on a daily basis. The catch is that all of this has to be done within two days on a budget of $10,000. Robert also has to change the outlook of the restaurant owner and get them to think in new ways and accept the change. After the two days the restaurant reopens with a new look and new menu. At this point is it up to the owners to keep the changes and continue on the path to success. Robert Irvine and his staff has helped saved many restaurants and has helped the owners finally start to see a profit and get on the road to recovery.

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Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Food Network
9 Seasons, 116 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Restaurant: Impossible Full Episode Guide

  • Robert Irvine tries to help the feuding owners of Mamma Lucrezia's restaurant in Bellefonte, PA, to put things to rest and focus on the success of the business.

  • Robert Irvine is on a special mission in Fort Bragg, NC, to reinvent the only full-service restaurant on the post, the Green Beret Club.

  • Robert Irvine is in over his head with the Spicy Bar and Grill, a Vietnamese restaurant in Falls Church, VA.

  • Renae is a single mom and owner of El Bistro. After three years, she is struggling to pay her taxes and her savings is almost wiped out. Chef Robert Irvine steps in, but is sickened by the stench of the grime.

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