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Rock of Love is a sort of reality show where a man is trying to find love. In this reality show Brett Michaels from the band Poison is looking for his next girlfriend and some lasting fun. He has left his fellow band members and has gone solo on his quest for love. Brett has a number of groupies and young ladies to choose from. These ladies are all competing to spend quality time alone with Brett so they can get to know him better and show him why they are the girl for him.

Each week Brett has to sent one girl home from the show. This is the elimination night. Each week a different girl has to go back home until he is left with the girl he wants to be with. These ladies put on quite a show for Mr. Michaels and the audience. There is everything from cat fights, to suggestive dancing , to obscene language. They girls are not shy and are willing to show to go far with Brett on national television. In some episodes Brett gets to meet their parents.

Some are happy to meet him and some parents especially fathers are less then thrilled with their daughter dating a rock star. This show was meant to help Brett find his true love. While it is questionable if he is finding his one and only he certainly is getting a lot of love from some lovely young ladies and gets to flaunt this on national television.

3 Seasons, 40 Episodes - Canceled
July 15, 2007
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  • After three months, all the girls who competed to be Bret's 'Rock of Love', come together again to talk about their experience.

  • The Dominican Republic plays hosts to Bret and his final two girls. He spends some quality time with both girls in order to make the correct and final decision.

  • Bret sets up some fantasy dates with the remaining three girls, but causes some friction when he takes one of them out twice.

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