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Shadow Force showcases the history of unconventional military operations through the eyes of an elite team operating in the modern day and offers one of the first real insights into the high-stakes world of private military operations. The Special Forces soldiers do what governments and aid agencies cannot-from combating piracy in Liberia, to stopping illegal forestation and saving rare mountain gorillas in the Congo, to setting up an alert system to help stop tribal wars in Kenya, to tracking illegal ivory into the black market.

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  • The team heads to the Congo to assist the park rangers in a battle against gorilla poachers by using new technology which can track the gorilla population, and how call for help when a poacher is encountered.

  • The team helps combat tribal wars while in Kenya.

  • While off the coast of Liberia the team investigates a ship moving mysteriously near the US Embassy, where president Bush is suppose to visit soon.

  • The team lends a hand to the park rangers in the Congo in the effort to stop national forest depletion, which is losing it's coal to strip mining for charcoal.

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