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Shark Tank is an American reality TV show that began its original run in August 2009 and was renewed for a fourth season in May 2012. It is the U.S. version of the popular worldwide television show Dragons' Den, which originated in Japan and now has versions in dozens of other countries, including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

In all countries, the show focuses on a series of contestants who believe they have come up with a profitable product or business idea but need money to fund it. They can pitch their idea on the show to a group of entrepreneurial businesspeople, known as the "sharks" in the U.S. version. The sharks then question the contestant about their product to determine if it would be a good product to invest their money in. The contestants have a set amount of money they wish to raise for their product, and if they cannot raise that much, they get nothing. However, if they can persuade the sharks to provide the money they need, the invested sharks then get a percentage of the company's stock in return.

Four sharks have been on all three seasons of Shark Tank, with a few others being in only one or two seasons. The main four are IT security firm owner Robert Herjavec, real estate millionaire Barbara Corcoran, former president of The Learning Company Kevin O'Leary, and FUBU founder Daymond John. Currently the shark panel also includes Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who replaced business executive Kevin Harrington on the show. In season two, comedian Jeff Foxworthy was also one of the sharks.

Friday at 9:00 PM et/pt on ABC
8 Seasons, 156 Episodes - Currently Airing
August 9, 2009
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  • The sharks are pitched a stylish clothing line for little ones, delicious maple syrup products and a multi-use kitchen accessory.

  • The Sharks are pitched body sprays and lotions designed just for tween and teen girls, candy with a toy inside and a device that instantly turns a stick of butter into a spray.

  • The Sharks are pitched a new type of cookies by cookie legend Wally Amos, swimsuits for moms, and an invention that can save damaged tech devices.

  • The Sharks are pitched delicious heat-and-eat paleo meals, a high-tech device designed for catching fish hooks, and removable and reusable magnet stickers for hanging art.

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Yidio Exclusive: 'Shark Tank' Billionaire Mark Cuban Says He's 'Moving Forward' With College Football Playoffs

When billionaire investor Mark Cuban said a few months ago that he was going to try to personally fund a college football playoff system, it sounded like the off-handed whim of a dude with a lot of cash to burn. Cuban - who has participated on reality shows “Dancing with the Stars” and “Shark Tank” - owns the Dallas Mavericks, HDNET and the Landmark Theatres chain, and has been lately pursuing ownership of another sports franchise (and not having much luck).

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