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Series Length:2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
Network: SPEED

The show is hosted by Tanner Foust, who is both a drifting race champion as well as being a road rally champion. During the course of the show Foust, who will usually be joined by a special race driving guest and the two will explore all of the mechanics of the fastest, most expensive and sleekest cars on the planet. The cars in question will vary from Lamborghinis to Ferraris to even Ford GTs and other rare cars that will have their true potential exposed live. From there the guest and host will hop in the various cars and drive down the racetracks at full speed and maxing out their horsepower for the purpose of testing the absolute limits of the vehicles.

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  • Tanner Foust and his friend Sam Hubinette race each other to an old ghost town, Tanner in a 420 HP Jeep, Sam in a 600 HP Dodge Viper. Later, Tanner meets up with the notorious Maximilian Cooper, ringleader of the Gumball Rally. Only on SPEED.

  • Tanner drives some of the fastest exotics in the west during this year's running of the Texas Mile; co-host Louise Brady drives around Los Angeles reporting on A Day in the Life of a Super Car. Only on SPEED.

  • In Arizona, Tanner Foust drives a super tuned Porsche 997 on the Bondurant School of Performance Driving track; Louise Brady and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger check out a hydrogen assisted Turbo powered Ronn Scorpion roadster. Only on SPEED.

  • At home in England, co-host Louise Brady attends chauffeur school. On a tour of the Bentley factory, as luck would have it, she manages to get a job driving British royalty. Only on SPEED.

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