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Series Length:2 Seasons, 37 Episodes
Schedule: Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV

Tattoo Nightmares is a reality show with three tattoo artists whose specialty is fixing bad tattoos. The three artists, one of which was a contestant on Inkmaster create beautiful art out of tattoos people are ashamed of. The three artists are Tommy, Jasmine, and Big Gus. Covering a tattoo requires special skill, because the artist must design and implement a new design which works around the old tattoo.

The show includes reenactments of the situation when the original tattoo was done. It shows the mindset at the time that led to a bad decision; some of the tattoos are terrible art, and some are mistakes as to the subject of the tattoo. It is entertaining to see the reasons people get awful tattoos, and the story is an appealing part of the show. Some of the tattoos remind them of moments in their past they wanted to forget, but are forced to remember by the constant reminders on their bodies.

One young man got a burning flag inked on his arm, and he was ashamed and afraid of the reaction of other people as he aged. He got the flag when he was feeling rebellious, and as he got older, realized his mistake. Jasmine designed an owl which covered the flag nicely and was a beautiful work of art he could be proud of.

Another man had a huge tribal tattoo he was embarrassed about, so Gus did an amazing Viking warrior, he could be proud to show off. The man was a rock musician he was excited and felt more comfortable going on stage with his new tattoo.

Tommy was faced with the challenge of covering a disaster of a tattoo on a man's chest. He covered it up with a unique design of a yin-yang symbol made of fish.

Each episode brings new challenges for the trio of experts; they have to be creative to cover up bad body art. People leave the shop happy with their new tattoo masterpieces.

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  • Tommy is determined to cover a tattoo that has dishonored his client's entire family, Gus tries to help a rocker get his edge back, and Jasmine rescues a superhero fan from a phallic mishap on his back.

  • Tommy gets flashed by an obscene portrait of a man's private part, Jasmine swears off a mother's profane mistake from her rebellious past, and a client shocks Gus with his unconventional self-attempts at tattoo removal.

  • Tommy "crosses" paths with a horrible reminder of his past, while Big Gus gets down and dirty to save a client's impending marriage, and Jasmine does everything she can to "smoke out" her client's disastrous tattoo.

  • A client calls Gus a Ladykiller following an encounter; Tommy rescues a man from some ink that almost killed him; Jasmine takes on a tattoo in a sensitive area.

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