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Bad Girls Club is exactly what it sounds like it is. It's what you get when you put seven highly-aggressive, irreverent, spoiled women in the same house and force them to interact with one another. What results is reality TV magic- the drama is non-stop as the girls bicker, cry, and backstab their way through three months under the same roof. It's no surprise that the series averages over a million viewers per episode.

Tuesdays at 8:00 PM et/pt on Oxygen
16 Seasons, 255 Episodes - Currently Airing
December 5, 2006
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  • Tanisha and Erica Mena return for part two and the Bad Girls discover what happens when you cross our OG host. Kailie faces her tormentors, Kaila and Tabatha, leading to an unexpected twist.

  • The bad girls reunite to discuss the season.

  • Tensions simmers between Kandyce and Brynesha and one bad girl decides to exit the house early. A BGC comedy roast lightens the mood, and the Bad Girls decide to cut loose for the final night.

  • When Brynesha fails to reciprocate Kandyce's deepening affections, the two girls go head to head; Kabrina gets real with her roommates; the whole house enjoys a sexy slumber party.

  • After a lengthy game of cat and mouse, Brynesha finally gives in to Kandyce's advances.

  • After the Bad Girls' survival skills are put to the test, newbie Kandyce gets into an argument with an OG.

  • New besties, Stephanie, Zee and Kailie savor their time in the house despite their beef with the other clique.

  • Half of the Gang Gang Gang plots to get rid of Zee, but things get heated when Elliadria and Kaila struggle to see eye to eye.

  • The first replacement arrives. Also, Elliadria and Kaila's friendship begins to disintegrate, and Kailie and Zee struggle to repair their relationships with the other ladies.

  • Zee faces backlash after she went too far in the fight with Brynesha.

  • The "bad girls" arrive in Los Angeles in the Season 16 opener. Although they're quick to bond, two ladies are soon targeted for prompt eviction.

  • Prepare to tweet up a storm as we introduce you to the seven social media queens of season 16.

  • The Wallace sisters remain the target of debate. Hanan and Suha arrive with a vendetta against Angela and Kristina.

  • Bad Girl alumna, Tanisha, hosts as this season's bad girls reunite to discuss the drama and lies.

  • Although the end of their stay is in sight, it doesn't appear that anyone will be reconciling soon. Jazmyn and Jaimee have to learn to stand on their own two feet after losing their only allies in the house.

  • The girls are auctioned off for charity. During Parent's Weekend, meet the parents, and see growth with the Babicz sisters. Some parents clash.

  • Jazmyn and Jaimee align with their new roommates and are ready to exercise their power. Angela's fate in the house is decided, after getting into it with a new housemate, and Allison and Melissa contemplate their own departure.

  • Envious of Kristina's relationship with Asia, Angela struggles to enjoy her own birthday. The girls go on a pub-crawl/scavenger hunt to celebrate Angela's birthday.

  • Jazmyn and Jaimee remain united against the rest of the house, but the lies and violence overwhelm Melissa and Allison. A decision is made, sealing Olivia and Diamond's fate.

  • Olivia reveals a huge secret, which creates tension between her and Diamond.

  • Diamond is torn about being loyal to her sister, who's been snubbed, or her roommates.

  • When replacement sisters arrive, a prank gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles with the consequences of being dishonest, and tension between Kristina and Angela explodes.

  • The roommates are ready to evict the twins. Also, trust issues surface upon further investigation into Olivia's medical condition.

  • The new girls arrive and have their allies in tow...their sisters!

  • Brace yourself for the wild cast of Twisted Sisters, as we bring you exclusive sneak peeks into a game-changing season of secrets, lies and bad blood.

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