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A sketch comedy show that showcase the cutting edge of nineties comedy. The series showcases sketches from a group of young comedians and writers who went on to become big names in film and television. The offbeat humor features parodies of the pop culture of the era, including music, movies, commercials, and the fashions trends at the time. Many episodes include a guest appearance by a celebrity.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled
September 27, 1992
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The Ben Stiller Show Full Episode Guide

  • The cast introduces several comedy sketches. Sketches include: Zoo TV At Night in which Stiller does his parody of Bono of U2; Otto The Anti-Cupid; Kreepee Board; Michael Pheret, Weasel Agent with Howie Mandell; 30-Second Conspiracy Theory; Jacques Cousteau in the Recording Studio with Andy Dick as Cousteau doing a voice-over for a manatee doc; Zoo TV Late At Night; Leslie Chapman, actor/dancerombie

  • The cast introduces several comedy sketches. Sketches include: A Few Good Scouts - a parody of A Few Good Men; "Cops" in Medieval Times; Ben Stiller's Music News with Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg) and Casey Kasem; American Profiles: High-Tech Hillbillies; The Legend of T.J. O'Pootertoot with David Cross; Grady's Oats

  • From a beach, the cast introduces several comedy sketches. FRED WILLARD (Best In Show, Waiting For Guffman) guest stars. Sketches include: Relaxation Tape No. 2; Roundtable; Ben, Janeane And Andy on Beach; Headslammers Ball is a spoof of Headbangers Ball in which Garofalo interviews Metallica's Lars Ulrich (Odenkirk) and James Hetfield (Stiller) along with contributions from Andy Dick as Pauly Shore and Fred Willard as Pauly Shore's father; Andy Dick's Political Children's Theatre; Public TV Telethon; Andy As A Mime; Relaxation Tape No. 6; Bruce Springsteen makes an answering machine message tape

  • Special guest star DENNIS MILLER ("Saturday Night Live") joins the cast to introduce several comedy sketches. Sketches include: Three Men and an Old Man with Stiller as Steve Guttenberg "Manson" TV Show; Casting Call: Beethoven with Stiller as Al Pacino; Poem (with clowns); America's Most Suspicious with Danny Bonaduce; Casting Call: The Mighty Ducks; The Pig Latin Lover: Tito Gallegos with Rip Taylor

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