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The Beverly Hillbillies depicts the ultimate rags to riches situation. A family of country hicks living on a farm with few modern conveniences accidentally strike oil on the land. Almost immediately they pack the entire family up in the good old jalopy and head west to the posh town of Beverly Hills. They buy a great big house and soon the viewer gets to see this out-of-place family make one cultural blunder after another. A lot of episodes involve the shady banker Milburn Drysdale who is only interested in the Clampett's money and not their well=being at all. When it comes to fitting in among their new hometown, the laughs keep coming as no one in the family blends in at all. This long-lasting show can be watched in black and white or color as it was later adapted.

9 Seasons, 273 Episodes - Canceled
September 26, 1962
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The Beverly Hillbillies Full Episode Guide

  • Elly May's cheating suitor is unmasked and his plans revealed. Jethro comes out of his hideout when the wedding plans are announced.

  • A fortune hunter charms everyone at the Clampett household and sets his sights into marrying Elly May.

  • An unemployed actor sees a chance to marry a millionaire when he learns about Elly May's background. The actor woos Jane Hathaway to reach the hillbilly girl.

  • Jethro steals away as his former ugly girlfriend announces she's coming to visit the Clampetts.

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