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The Cosby Show stars Bill Cosby as the witty and often cantankerous Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable. His wife Clair is played by Phylicia Rashad. The couple have five children, four girls and one boy, who range in age from elementary school to college. The show is designed to be humorous, although it does have moments where serious interaction is called for. The stories revolve around the activities of the married couple as well as the interactions with their children. As a couple, Clair is constantly trying to get Cliff to eat healthier foods, while he prefers dining on Hoagies and salty chips.

The balance in the family unit comes primarily from Clair who is a successful lawyer. While Cliff often reacts to what his children say or do with deadpan one liners, Clair steps in to show compassion and diplomacy. The show does touch on several topics related to raising teenagers, which include smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, sneaking out of the house and teen pregnancy. The show is widely entertaining while also showing the struggles and conflicts families often deal with. The Huxtable family also has extended relatives which show up as Heathcliff's and Clair's parents. These interactions also add humor to the show and bring new perspectives to some of the situations the family deals with.

Heathcliff is a obstetrician who practices out of his Brooklyn brownstone. His office is located on the lower level of the home so he has the opportunity to stay connected with his children while his wife is at work. The interactions between the kids are typical to children of different age groups. Theo, the only boy in the group is often outnumbered by his sisters in many situations. In addition to the various situations the family encounters with each episode, the show also brings a lot of culture to its viewers. Cliff is very fond of jazz and the show often focuses on various musical artists with a special appearance by Stevie Wonder.

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  • In the second part of the two part series finale of The Cosby Show, a lot of things are happening. Denise surprises everyone by calling to announce that she's pregnant. Everyone is confused when Vanessa calls Dabnis "honey." While the ceremony is beginning, Cliff remembers back to the times when he thought that Theo would never graduate, but then becomes upset to learn that the students graduate by section instead of their names getting called out individually. That night, when Cliff and Clair have the house to themselves, they remember all the good times they've had, then the episode closes with them sharing a dance.

  • In this first part of the two part series finale, Theo prepares to graduate from college, and even though each graduate is only supposed to get two tickets, he manages to get ten extras. Vanessa shows up with Dabnis, who she's bringing as her guest, but claims that they are only friends. Olivia gets ready to move to Singapore to live with Martin and Denise, and as a graduation present, Theo will be going with her. Theo has been worried by the way that Cliff has been acting, but Clair reassures him that she and Cliff are only very proud to see their son that used to struggle in school finally graduate.

  • Cliff is upset that he can't claim most of the people that have lived in his house on his taxes. Sondra and Elvin have their own income, Denise and Martin have claimed Olivia, and Clair doesn't want to claim Pam, even though they can because she says that she wouldn't feel right about it. Meanwhile, Kenny throws a rushed birthday party together for Deirdre after he comes to the realization that socks aren't a good birthday present. Deirdre figures out what Kenny did and dumps him. Rudy convinces Stanley to talk to Deirdre on Kenny's behalf, who agrees to take Kenny back, but only if he stops lying and will take "boyfriend lessons" from Stanley.

  • Cliff is excited about getting a chance to meet some of his favorite musicians when he and Clair got to a radio station live performance which is part of the Pan-American Music Festival. Meanwhile, Kenny has problems when he babysits Olivia, and she eventually leaves him so worn out that he can hardly stay awake. Later, Theo comes over to check on things, and after he sends Kenny home, he ends up falling asleep on the couch.

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Bill Cosby Made a Rape Joke in His Latest Live Show

Here's a tip: If you're facing rape allegations from multiple women, try not to make rape jokes at your stand-up shows. It won't help your case. Bill Cosby, who has been accused of rape by more than a dozen women at this point, took the stage at a live show in Canada and was reportedly faced with a heckler. This heckler, a woman, offered Cosby a drink, presumably in reference to the allegations that he drugged his victims through spiked alcoholic beverages. According to people at the show, Cosby then responded by saying, "You have to be careful drinking around me.

Bill Cosby Steps Down from Temple University Board Following Rape Allegations

Another organization has jumped Bill Cosby's sinking ship. Temple University, Cosby's alma mater, has reportedly cut ties with the comedian following the increasing number of rape allegations and stories of his sexual misconduct over the years. Cosby had served on the school's board of trustees since 1982 as one of its most famous alumni. Cosby and Temple chairman of the board Patrick O'Connor have both made statements representing the split as Cosby stepping down from his post, as opposed to the university firing Cosby.

Bill Cosby Responds to Rape Allegations by Not Responding to Rape Allegations

The legal camp of Bill Cosby seems to be taking the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" approach. The comedian's lawyer has issued an official statement responding to the rape allegations against Cosby that have once again resurfaced. Here's what Cosby's lawyer, John P. Schmitt, had to say: "Over the last several weeks, decade-old, discredited allegations against Mr. Cosby have resurfaced. The fact that they are being repeated does not make them true.

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