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Watching old episodes of the Donna Reed show will take you back in time. The show focuses on the Stone family. Alex stone is a pediatrician. He and his wife Donna have two children, Mary and Jeff. The episodes focus on many normal every day problems. Alex and Donna love one another and their kids. The kids are good, but not perfect. The Stone's marriage is also good, yet they do disagree and get into arguments. All of the members of the family have times throughout the series when they become frustrated or annoyed with one another and normal life situations.

This is a fun show to watch. Over time you begin to care about the characters. Even though it is set in the past, modern families will still be able to relate. In one episode Donna begins to feel unappreciated and taken advantage of. A mother from any time in history can relate to those feelings. She goes to extremes to change herself so she will not feel this way anymore, only to find out that she is turning into someone she does not like. It stands to reason that every mother has at one time or another had a less than shining moment when dealing with her family.

Mary's boy problems are another common bond that viewers of today can relate to. A boy doing something to annoy a teenage girl is something that transcends time. Each generation of young girls can attest to this fact.

Alex does his best to be a great husband and father. Even with the best of intentions he sometimes finds himself falling short. Who can't relate to having so much to do that something must suffer. Like parents everywhere, he keeps trying.

Jeff is like everyone's little brother. He is messy, he goes out of his way to irritate his sister and he sometimes makes poor decisions. Throughout the series fans are able to watch Jeff grow and mature.

All in all the Donna Reed show is a good show. Each episode has something to keep the viewers interested. It is fun to watch and a great escape.

5 Seasons, 187 Episodes - Canceled
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The Donna Reed Show Full Episode Guide

  • Jeff makes a date with Rosemary for the senior prom. Smitty then lets Jeff know that Jeff has been nominated to run for Senior Class President. Now gorgeous Dolores wants Jeff to take her to the prom. What can Jeff do? He's already committed to Rosemary, or is he? Will Jeff actually dump Rosemary for Dolores?

  • Mary is going away to a new college in the fall. As part of her leaving, she is putting on a "large" outdoor formal party that will be in their backyard. At the same time, Jeff is flirting (again) with car ownership and ends up buying an "Hilldale Bus Lines" bus, which he hopes to use in various money making ventures. While Jeff was able to drive the bus home, unfortunately, it will no longer start. Tune in to see how Mary and Mrs. Stone deal with the bus, while attempting to save Mary's party.

  • A tale of Joyce and Sabrina in a classic contest, which one will get Jeff to ask her to the big dance? Will it be poor, helpless Joyce or the dominant Sabrina? They both ply Jeff in their own manipulative ways. Poor Jeff can't make up his mind. When he asks his family for advice, all he gets for an answer is "Why don't you toss a coin?"

  • Pitcher Don Drysdale appears in this episode along with his real-life wife and daughter. On a trip to Chicago, Jeff is excited about seeing his pal, Don Drysdale, again. He is supposed to get an interview with Don for the school paper. Jeff's excitement turns to disappointment when it appears that Don Drysdale can't deliver the interview.

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