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The Munsters is a comedy show revolving around an unlikely family of ghouls. Herman is the head of the household and is married to Lily. Herman is a Frankenstein monster complete with green face, square head and neck bolts. Herman works at the local mortuary and drives a hearse. Lily is the daughter of Grandpa who is a vampire. Given Lily's chalk white complexion and long flowing streaked hair, it is natural to assume she is also a vampire like her father. Herman and Lily have a son named Eddie who is a werewolf.

The odd family combination is enhanced with the addition of cousin Marilyn who for some unknown reason is a perfectly normal human girl. The Munsters, not seeing Marilyn's natural beauty often give her advice on how to look or act in order to catch a boyfriend. Although the Munster clan might not think of Marilyn as beautiful the neighborhood boys definitely see her good looks. The stories revolve around the everyday activities the Munsters go through. These activities can range from getting ready to go to bed, with Grandpa sleeping in a coffin, Lily resting with her namesake flower across her chest and Eddie nestled inside a cabinet with his favorite toy, a stuffed werewolf doll.

Many stories include meals served in the Munster household. These dishes are often made with strange animal parts and come in pots or bowls overflowing with mist. The furnishings inside the Munster house are in keeping with their eerie Gothic nature. Chairs, sofas and tables are often large ornately carved wood items. Grandpa also has a laboratory in the basement where he often mixes up strange concoctions which usually get him or Herman in trouble with Lily. The majority of comic sequences revolve around the predicaments Herman and Grandpa get into.

As with most family sitcoms, there are often neighbors dropping by the Munster household who end up as frightened guests. The Munsters also have a fire breathing dragon named Spot living under their staircase. Spot is usually not seen except for the strange glow of his eyes and the flash of fire every time the staircase is opened to feed him.

Thursdays at 7:30 pm on CBS
2 Seasons, 70 Episodes - Canceled
September 24, 1964
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The Munsters Full Episode Guide

  • The Munsters get a visit from Eddie's teacher and principal after he writes a report describing his family life. The concern seems to be whether Eddie is being deprived at home.

  • Herman is involved in an accident after a car is destroyed by running into him. The driver offers him $10,000 believing he has been seriously injured, but its Herman who is concerned over wrecking her car.

  • To cure Herman's case of hiccups, Grandpa puts him in a deep sleep. But he wakes up in a college fraternity when two pledges enter the Munster's mansion on a dare and bring him back to the dorm as a prank.

  • An argument ensues after Herman ruins the go-cart Grandpa has built for Eddie's birthday. Claiming half the house belongs to him, Grandpa draws a line dividing the mansion in two.

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