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One day the brilliant Professor Utonium used the elements of sugar, spice, and everything nice to create the perfect little girl. It took a fortuitous turn when he spilled Chemical X into the mix. Thus was created a trio of super-powered sweethearts: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the Powerpuff Girls. They use their powers to protect Townsville, USA from monsters, malice, and mayhem.

Bubbles is the sugar of the trio: cute and sensitive, but able to immobilize a villain with her supersonic voice. Buttercup is the spice: the toughest fighter who gets dirty and plays rough. And Blossom is everything nice: their self-appointed leader who can freeze an attacker with her super-breath.

Naturally, there are arch-villains. Mojo Jojo is a super-intelligent simian who was once the Professor's lab assistant. Fuzzy Lumpkin is a furry hillbilly bear whose fits of rage endanger Townsville. Him is a devilish apparition bent on setting the girls against one another. Princess Morbucks is a spoiled rich girl whose doting father funds her schemes. And The Rowdyruff Boys are the girls' male counterparts, created by Mojo Jojo from snips, snails, and puppy dog tails.

The Powerpuff Girls is a delightfully unique cartoon series that appeals to youngsters and grownups alike. The girls' heroic adventures are sprinkled liberally with pop-culture references and social commentary, while they deal with the skinned knees, loose teeth, and kindergarten projects familiar to real-world youngsters.

Animator Craig McCracken created the show in his second year of art school. The show debuted on cable television in 1998, and was its network's highest-rated program throughout its original seven-year run.

The show's images and sound are explosive and exciting. Character design is iconic and backgrounds are unadorned. Action scenes are portrayed in the style of superhero comics and Japanese anime, exaggerated without gore. Each episode is a wild ride, but with good-natured humor and moments of warmth among the girls.

Ideal for family viewing, The Powerpuff Girls is kiddie TV fare that engages viewers of all ages. It portrays cute kids that are also strong and accessible entertainment that is intelligent and funny.

Cartoon Network
7 Seasons, 120 Episodes - Currently Airing
November 18, 1998
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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The Powerpuff Girls Full Episode Guide

  • A rainy day prompts trouble when the Girls attempt to occupy themselves.

  • The Girls receive an ominous fortune from a Paper Fortune Teller that can foresee the unknown in exchange for a secret.

  • The Girls receive an ominous fortune from a Paper Fortune Teller that can foresee the unknown in exchange for a secret.

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