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To Love-Ru is a romantic comedy and science-fiction series about a high school student named Rito Yuki. Rito is seemingly unable to confess his romantic intentions to Haruna Sairenji, the girl of his dreams. On a day like any other, Rito comes home and decides to sulk about his love life in the tub. It is at this very moment that a girl materializes, naked, in his presence. This girl, Lala, informs Rito that he is the heiress to the throne of her home planet, Deviluke. Furthermore, she explains that she left for Earth to escape her father's wish that she will marry one of several suitors back home and that she wishes to marry Rito in defiance of her father's wishes.

Shortly thereafter, Commander Zastin arrives to return Lala home, only to be defeated in combat by Rito. Zastin returns to Deviluke empty-handed with the explanation that Rito is a sufficient man to become Lala's husband. Lala's father acquiesces, on the condition that marriage is only possible if they truly love each other. The king challenges Rito's ability to protect Lala and his friends; marriage will be allowed if Rito succeeds, but Earth will be destroyed if Rito fails.

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1 Season, 27 Episodes
April 3, 2008
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To Loveru Full Episode Guide

  • Yuki wakes up to Haruna and Lala yelling at him that he is about to miss the ship. Lala decides she can't marry unless he wants too. Lala then uses her memory erasing tool so that she can start a new life on earth back at the school.

  • Rito receives a message from the King of Deviluke which orders him to board the Devilukian spaceship as he has to prove he is the best in the universe. Before boarding the ship he confesses his feelings for Haruna.

  • Lala's personality changes due to a fever. Rito now has to deal with Lala's constantly changing personalitues and her desire to take over the world as a deviluke princess.

  • Saruyama wishes that he was a nobleman from the Edo Castle. He then starts to daydream about being the ruler of Edo Castle.

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