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Trust Us with Your Life is an improvisational comedy show that is based off the format of a British comedy show. Trust Us with Your Life is hosted by Fred Willard. The show features the comedy acts of Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie. There are guest appearances and skits by Greg Propps, Nicole Parker, and Josie Lawrence. Other comedy performers also share their comedy skits from time to time. The show also has had many celebrity guest appearances including Jerry Springer, Serena Williams, Jack and Kelly Osborne, David Hasselhoff, and even Florence Henderson.

This comedy show has many games and skits that are featured regularly. There is the Dramatic Episode game. The performers act out a scene using only the information they get from a guest on the show. When the performer gets something write a bell will sound. When they get something wrong they will hear a honking sound. There is a similar game to this where a person has to interoperate a dance. The game is called Face the Music. A performer will act out a popular song that has significant meaning to the guest on the show. The guest is wearing a pair of headphones so they cannot hear the music. Once the performer is done the guest then has to guess what the song it. These are just some of the game played on the show.

The game Forward and Rewind also involves the performer acting something out. They must act out a scene with information given from a guest. They either have to go forward or in reverse based on the information from a pre-record voice. There is an act called Message from Random Acquaintances. The performer will tell the guest on the show a message but they will say it very quickly. There is a segment called Rap It. When the performers hear a voice say Rap It they have to make up a rap song. When they hear the voice say Word they can stop. These are only some of the games and comedy sketches that are featured on this show.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on ABC
1 Season, 8 Episodes - Canceled
July 10, 2012
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  • Improv actors re-enact moments from Jane Seymour's life.

  • Improv actors re-enact moments from David Hasselhoff's life.

  • Improv actors re-enact moments from actress Florence Henderson's life.

  • Improv actors re-enact moments from talk show host Jerry Springer's life.

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