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Vampire High is a Canadian television show that follows a group of young vampires. The vampires are the participants of many different types of experiments designed by the Elders who are a group of older vampires. The young vampires are taken in by a boarding school with the goal of making them civilized. The students now have class both day and night. They also deal with many of the same issues mortal teenagers face including their love life and friendships.

The opening features Murdoch telling the history of an experiment. There was a civil war among the vampires between the Elders and the Fury groups. The Elders gather a group of young vampires and tried to teach them how to live among the mortal people. They are sent to the boarding school for rich children that have behavioral troubles. The five young vampires Drew, Karl, Essie, Marty, and Merrill are trying to act like regular mortal children at this school.

This series also follows the life of some of the mortal people that the group of vampires meet. Sherry is a lonely teenager who is looking for love. With nowhere to turn she spends most of her time thinking about a Dictaphone. Karl is the youngest of the vampire group and wants to be human. Merrill is smart and pines for fellow vampire Drew. Drew is dark and mysterious and fall in love with the human Sherry. Essie is considered to be a royal vampire. She is able to hide her true emotional by being vain and fashionable. Marty is the most vicious vampire of the group. He joined the group and consented to the experiments just so he could have a steady supply for blood to drink. Not only does this group of youths have to face challenges with being immortal they have to face the same challenges and drama that mortal teenagers go through.

Saturday on YTV
1 Season, 26 Episodes - Canceled
September 15, 2001
Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science & Technology
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Vampire High Full Episode Guide

  • After Dillan is attacked by a crazed Karl, Drew must choose between saving her life or helping her face the possibility of becoming a vampire.

  • When Karl asks Essie to acknowledge their love, Essie falls sick with an illness that proves dangerous even to vampires.

  • Merrill and Marty have the school to themselves but they discover their blood supply is locked up. The pair go through withdrawal while resisting the urge to feed from each other, but temptation arises when a lone day student returns from Spring Break early.

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