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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea is a science fiction television series about the underwater adventures of the nuclear submarine SSRN Seaview. The show, which is produced and created by science fiction writer Irwin Allen, relies heavily on special effects and props to add more realism. The crew of the Seaview is headed by Admiral Harriman Nelson (Richard Basehart), who also designed the submarine, and his second mate, Commander Lee Crane (David Hedison). Other crew members include Chief Frances Sharkey (Terry Becker), Lt. Commander Chip Morton (Bob Dowdell), Chief Curly Jones (Henry Kulky), and Kowalski (Del Monroe). The submarine is commissioned by Nelson's own Marine research institute to investigate extraterrestrial phenomena.

At the beginning of the Seaview's deployment, Nelson and Crane find themselves at odds with enemy governments who threaten the safety and security of the U.S. The show's theme concentrates on human threats such as espionage, war and world disaster. The show takes on Cold War themes and features many doomsday scenarios. After a while, producers opted to go for a lighter tone, relying heavily on sea monsters and aliens. The show introduced a flying two-man sub that could function out of water much like an airplane. The FS-1 sub gives the show a more futuristic feel. The Seaview also has a small diving bell that was used for deep sea dives.

The show began to concentrate on a number of interesting story lines, including Nazis who had no idea WWII has ended and a strange mineral that brainwashes Nelson. One of the more bizarre episodes is "The Deadly Dolls," a story that features Vincent Price as an evil puppeteer who uses his live puppets in a coup to take over the Seaview. More paranormal story lines are introduced that include werewolves, mummies, talking puppets, lobster men, fossil men and frost men. The show featured a number of guest appearance from stars including Victor Jory, Peter Mark Richmond, Robert Loggia, Woodrow Palfrey, and Albert Salmi.

4 Seasons, 110 Episodes - Canceled
September 14, 1964
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
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  • Seaview experiences a sudden power overload and blows up, killing all hands aboard. When Admiral Nelson (who was at the Nelson Institute at the time of the accident) hears of the destruction of the Seaview, he gets an impossible to refuse offer from Mr. Pem (who survived from A Time To Die): in exchange for the use of the sub's nuclear reactor, Pem will transport Nelson back in time to before the explosion which destroyed Seaview. Once back in time, Pem renergizes his time travel device and brings the sub back even further in time to the American Civil War. Before the crew has time to absorb this, the ship is boarded by Major General Benedict Arnold! Now Nelson has to stop Pem's far-reaching plan to take over the world and avoid the explosive disentergration of Seaview.

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