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The Winx Club is magical television show that has captivated many young female viewers. This show is targeted to little girls who are between the ages of 7 to 11 years of age, but many girls old, young, big or small have been captivated by this show. It is about six eager young girls who happen to be powerful fairies.

These girls display a strong bond and they form the Winx Club, a club of crime fighting female super heroines. They must battle against their opposing forces, the Tix throughout the content of the show. The Trix are evil witches who stop at nothing to destroy Alfea, the Winx's school. This show was originated in Italy, but since has moved to the United States to be broadcasted on one of the most popular TV networks, Nickelodeon. This show has since grown to become an empire; from dolls to movies, the Winx have conquered.

The show has many characters including: Bloom: The leader of the group, Bloom is the Dragon Fairy. She has fiery red locks and a personality to match. Bloom is always eager to defend her friends and family and she is loyal, but she can be a little bit bossy. Bloom was the last survivor of her planet and she is the last heir to this planet.

Stella: The blond beauty, Stella is the typical self-centered girly-girl. She is the Fairy of the Shining Sun and has a personality to match; she is talkative and loves being at the center of attention.

Techna: The Fairy of Technology, Techna is very informed and a little nerdy. She has a short pixie haircut and a love of video games.

Musa: The Fairy of Music, Musa has an outgoing personality and her powers are derived from musical sources. She has black hair and pale skin.

Aisha: Aisha is a feminist who is athletic and can be shy from time to time. Her title is the Fairy of Waves. She is the only African American Winx member.

Flora: Sweet and wise, Flora is the Fairy Of nature who gets all her powers from plants and trees. She has beautiful tan skin and caramel colored hair.

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Saturday 12:00 AM et/pt on FOX
5 Seasons, 105 Episodes - Returning Series
Anime, Children
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Winx Club Full Episode Guide

  • The battle between the Winx and mummies continues as Selina summons the Sphinx to attack. Bloom spots Selina in the library, but just as she is about to ask what's going on, Selina sets the place on fire, and the fight heats up.

  • Everyone celebrates Daphne's coronation on Domino, but Bloom is weak from sharing her Dragon Flame. With help from Diaspro, the Trix and Selina send Fire Eaters to attack Bloom. Will she find the power within herself to triumph?

  • As the fairies of Alfea celebrate Faragonda's 100th anniversary, the Trix take over Cloudtower, teaming up with Selina, a new witch with a very powerful book. Her first target: Pixie Village.

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