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Zipang is an animated sci-fi television series. It focuses on the adventures of a crew transported through time. The crew of a Japanese military vessel is on course for Pearl Harbor. They are headed for peacetime training. When the ship is suddenly engulfed in a massive electrical storm they are transported back through time. Now the crew must figure out how to get back to their own time and space.

The focus of this science fiction show is on solving the mystery of how to time travel. The captain and crew must work out the mechanics in order to return to their lives.

1 Season, 26 Episodes - Ended
October 7, 2004
Animation & Cartoons
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  • Following the previous episodes' events, people on all sides are having hard time coping with what has so far transpired. On a U.S. destroyer carrying the survivors of the battle against the Mirai, Commander Hutton is a drunken wreck, seized by the nightmares of the battle and melancholy over the many subordinates he lost. On the Mirai, the crew is also coping with the shock of the battle and loss of their comrades-to the point that Gunnery Officer Kikuchi had to be sedated. On Guadalcanal, where the Ichiki detachment has just been wiped out, Lt. Commander Okamura is tending to a group of tattered Japanese survivors. The survivors include a very dejected Lt. Colonel Tsuji. Okamura convinces Tsuji that he must report to the Imperial GHQ about the difficulties that the Japanese troops are facing on Guadalcanal and urge a prompt and total evacuation to save the lives of thousands. In Tokyo, General Ishiwara meets Admiral Yonai for a hot-pot lunch at the famous Dozeu Restaurant, near the Tokyo Train Station. Yonai, to surprise of Ishiwara, remarks that Mirai must be destroyed for the sake of Japan's future.

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