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Almost Naked Animals is an animated Canadian television series that falls into the genre of comedy. This television series is mainly aired on YTV, Cartoon Network, and The Boomerang channels, and it has a running time of around 23 minutes per episode. Almost Naked Animals was created by Noah Z. Jones, and it was directed by Brad Ferguson. Also, this television series was produced by Noah Z. Jones, Vince Commisso, Steve Jarosz, Tristan Homer, Tanya Green, Natalie Osborne, and Mark Satterthwaite, and it was written by Hollis Ludlow Carroll, Robert Tinkler, Steven Westren, Noah Jones, Andrew Harrison, Miles Smith, Sean Cullen, Craig Martin, and Tony Elliott. Furthermore, this series features the voices of many well known actors and actresses such as Jamie Watson, Emilie Barlow, David Berni, Sean Cullen, Howard Jerome, Linda Kash, and Robert Tinkler.

Almost Naked Animals is mainly set inside of a tropical resort by the name of Banana Cabana. This resort is strictly run by animals and has only animals as residents. All of the animals that work at this tropical resort, and all of the residents at the resort, have shaved off all of their fur and wear nothing but underwear. The Banana Cabana is managed by a dog named Howie, while the rest of the resort is ran by his misfit crew. Not only do they run the resort, but they all go on very unusual adventures together inside the resort.

The misfit crew includes a blue octopus name Octo, who is also Howie's bestfriend and desk clerk, and Bunny, who is a short tempered yellow rabbit who is well known for having various mood swings. Plus, there is Duck, who is tan in color and is like the son Howie always wanted, Piggy the pink pig, who is a master ninja chef, and Sloth who is a sloth that has a crush on Howie. Furthermore, the misfit crew also includes Narwhal who is a whale that is very self centered and loves to sing, Poodle is Howie's sister that also owns the rival hotel. Poodle is always trying to take away Howie's hotel and ruin all his fun.

Weekdays at 4:00 pm et/pt on Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 107 Episodes
June 13, 2011
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Jamie Watson, Rob Tinkler, Howard Jerome, Emilie-Claire Barlow
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Almost Naked Animals Full Episode Guide

  • Comedy - Dirk Danger gives up stunting to become a chef, Piggy is chosen to be the next big action movie star.

  • Comedy - Duck finds an egg. Thinking it must be his, he excitedly prepares for fatherhood.

  • Comedy - Narwhal has to keep Howie and the others from sneaking into Duck's very exclusive party.

  • Comedy - A bad batch of sun-screen makes everyone's biggest fears come true.

  • Comedy - Howie tries to do enough good deeds to convince the mayor he's worthy of his own special day.

  • Comedy - Octo, Piggy and Narwhal try to keep an overly-excited Howie from ruining Bunny's sleepover.

  • Comedy - Poodle and Howie have to run a successful business together for one day - or lose their hotels.

  • Comedy - Howie convinces Bunny to be his lucky charm for the Robot Ruckus tournament.

  • Comedy - When the Banana Cabana fills with snow, Batty invokes the Penguin Clause and tries to take over the hotel.

  • Comedy - Piggy reluctantly helps Howie and Octo finally win a role-playing game of Dirks and Dragons.

  • Batty dresses up as a girl and competes against Bunny in a beauty contest.

  • Sloth gets recognized for her Bumbag and gets Bumbag disorder. Howie and Octo are worried Dirk Danger has been replaced.

  • Howie works to help his favourite soda-maker with the success of his business. / Mayor Trout bans Howie.

  • A failed stunt splits the hotel into halves. / Howie discovers that Duck is royalty.

  • Howie and Octo stay up all night to win Dirk Dangers latest video game.

  • Octo becomes a little too fearless. / Octo and Narwhal find out they are related.

  • Sloth prefers the goofball Howie more than the romantic one. / Howie tries to prove he is Dirk Danger's number one fan.

  • Howie tries to prove he's Dirk Danger's No. 1 fan.

  • Howie stays at the Banana Cabana for a much needed vacation. Duck ends up being Sloth's personal assistant.

  • Howie and Poodle come up with their own game.

  • Octo and Batty have a contest to determine who is the most evil minion. / Howie wants to give nervous Narwhal a needle.

  • Howie creates a potion that transforms him into an obnoxious party animal. / Bunny challenges Howie.

  • The gang tries to figure out why garbage is falling out of thin air. / Howie tries to go green.

  • Howie finds out the night shift has way more fun. / Narwhal loses his horn.

  • Comedy - Bunny goes up against Batty - who's disguised as a girl - in the local beauty contest.

  • Comedy - Howie mistakenly thinks he's won a Day with Dirk contest, so Duck pretends to be Dirk.

  • Comedy - Sloth becomes famous for her Bumbag, which turns out to cause the dreaded Bumbag disorder!

  • Comedy - Mayor Trout - fed up with Howie and his stunting - BAN Howie.

  • Comedy - Howie tries to help his favourite soda-maker stay in business.

  • Comedy - A failed stunt splits the hotel into two halves that are now competing with each other.

  • Comedy - Howie discovers that Duck is royalty. Now Duck has to rule over the Banana Cabana.

  • Comedy - Howie treats the gang to a weekend getaway at Radiation Rooster's haunted campsite.

  • Comedy - Howie and Octo try to stay awake all night long to win Dirk Danger's latest video game.

  • Comedy - Octo and Narwhal discover they're related, and try to learn more about each other.

  • Comedy - The newly fearless Octo becomes a little too fearless, even for Howie.

  • Comedy - Howie tries to help Piggy woo a repulsive warthog.

  • Comedy - Howie tries to prove that he's Dirk Danger's number one fan.

  • Comedy - While writing his detective novel, Octo uncovers a genuine mystery in the Banana Cabana - the case of the missing spit sock!

  • Comedy - Howie goes on a much-needed vacation - at the Banana Cabana!

  • Comedy - Howie decides that Sloth needs a personal assistant, so it's up to Howie to find her one.

  • A young Chipmunk goes power-mad when Howie lets him manage the hotel for a day.

  • Howie decides bathing is a waste of time, so his friends are forced to attempt a `stinkervention`.

  • Comedy - Octo and Batty compete to see who can be the most evil evil minion.

  • "The Orange Fizzy Blues" - Howie attempts to win a soda can contest from Captain Fizzy so he can win a mystery. /"Champion Gurgitator" - Piggy loses a watermelon eating contest against Yeti and Howie must win back the title for the Bannana Cabana and to win back Piggy's coveted spoon.

  • "Piggy Want Party from Dog"-Howie tries to plan a surprise party for Piggy. / "Living Dangerously"- Howie becomes a creative product tester with Dirk Danger branded products.

  • "Candid Camaraderie" - Poodle attempts to humiliate the staff at the Banana Cabana by posting embarrassing videos of them online - but her plan backfires when Octo becomes an internet sensation. / "Champion Gurgitator" - Octo's the only one unable to set a record in Cap'n Fizzy's Big Book of Unnecessary Accomplishments. Howie tries to help his pal accomplish something... anything... to get himself in the book.

  • "Who Inked The Bed?" - Octo's scary dreams has him staining his bedsheets in the shape of his pals - that is, everyone BUT Howie, who really wants one of Octo's "mess"-terpieces. / "Kikmee" - Howie challenges Bunny that she can't get through a day without losing her temper - the loser has to suit up as the hotel's mascot, Kikmee.

  • "Gone Banana" - When the hotel's rooftop banana goes missing, Howie and Octo set out on an island-wide adventure to find it. / "Imaginary Fiend" - Howie's old imaginary friend comes to visit, and drives everyone crazy.

  • "In The Deep End" - Narwhal confesses his greatest secret ever... he never learned how to swim! / "The Sun Howie Always Wanted" - After several days of bad weather, Duck builds an artificial sun that never goes down.

  • "Jellyhead" - A bossy Jellyfish sticks himself to Octo's head, and starts to take over Octo's personality. / "Matter Over Mind" - Howie gets the TV remote stuck to his head, and develops strange new powers!

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