Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World

Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World brings you in contact with all the most amazing and interesting food items in the world. These are bizarre foods that you might not want to eat, but Andrew will eat them and show you how interesting they are. You will also learn the history behind these foods so that you can learn a little bit about the world of food.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
1 Season, 9 Episodes
September 1, 2009
Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World

Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World Full Episode Guide

  • Andrew eats his way through Wisconsin, the land of cheese and brats.

  • Andrew finds out that Florida is a land full of oddities with enclaves of everything from sponge divers and frog giggers to mermaids and drag racers.

  • Andrew stops in the Indonesian island of Bali, where he participates in a cricket-fighting match, learns the art of Mepantigan, witnesses a tooth-filing ceremony for adolescents and eats a ceremonial meal that includes raw pig's blood.

  • Andrew travels to picturesque Sulawesi, a part of Indonesia where the funeral rituals are elaborate ancient customs still deeply rooted in the rich and colorful community of Tana Toraja. Andrew experiences an authentic Torajan funeral as a pallbearer.

  • Andrew is joined in Germany by the winner of the fan contest to explore Berlin's art scene, tastes the cuisine of Bavaria and undergoes body painting from head to toe.

  • Andrew explores urban South Africa, where he finds old traditions in unexpected places. In gritty Johannesburg, he faces one of the tallest jumps of his life. And in Cape Town, he rescues African penguins and rappels off of Table Mountain's steep cliff.

  • Andrew journeys to Botswana, where one of the oldest hunter-gatherer tribes teaches him how to live off the land and become one with their tight-knit community. Andrew gets the rare experience of living just as our ancestors once did centuries ago.

  • Andrew is in Belize where he swims with sharks and sting rays, explores an ancient cave, and sinks his teeth into Mayan-style pork brains and the country's most prized rodent.

  • Andrew heads to Cuba, where he samples a tree rat, learns the secrets of growing world-class tobacco, and takes part in a Santeria ritual involving lots of blood.

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