Animal Armageddon

Animal Armageddon is an animated documentary series that first aired in 2009. The series bring to life ancient worlds populated by strange creatures that lived millions of years ago. The series looks at how these collections of life are doomed to be destroyed. The series looks at how the animals were destroyed by different events, and shows how the event affected the individual animals. The series then looks at how even though life was destroyed on a massive level life will still be able to thrive. It also looks at how this resulted in different classes of animal life taking over the earth.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
1 Season, 8 Episodes
February 12, 2009
Documentary & Biography, Animals
Cast: Peter Ward, Michael Carroll, Craig Chesner
Animal Armageddon

Animal Armageddon Full Episode Guide

  • Could humans survive the next extinction event and what could this event be?

  • What caused the Quaternary extinction event during the late Pleistocene some 75.000 years ago that killed off the giant mammals and almost even made the early human race extinct.

  • What caused the Triassic extinction event 200 million years ago?

  • An investigative look at the impact made on the animals 250 million years ago by volcanic eruptions.

  • K/T extinction event. What was the last year of dinosaurs' existence on Earth like?

  • K/T extinction event. What was it like on the fateful apocalyptic day 65 million years ago when the asteroid that led to the extinction of dinosaurs arrived and hit Earth?

  • What caused the Devonian extinction event 370 million years ago, one of five major extinction events in the history of Earth.

  • What caused the Ordovician extinction event 450 million years ago, the second-largest of the five major extinction events in Earth's history.

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