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Dr. Syd Ludwick is a successful surgeon who worked at a high-end hospital many years back. She ends up going to a high-school reunion from at her small hometown. She finds herself caught up in old drama with her old college lover and her first love and with her friend for not properly taking care of her dying father. Her first love has a sick child (unbeknownst to him)and his wife died years ago. He cares about his son deeply and Syd has to speak up before it is too late. Will she finally be able to find her peace?

Back To You is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on September 19, 2007.

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1 Season, 17 Episodes
September 19, 2007
Cast: Fred Willard, Ty Burrell, Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Ayda Field
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Back To You Full Episode Guide

  • On a slow news day, a bank robbery unfolds in Pittsburgh. The perp calls for Chuck Darling to negotiate his release. Kelly regrets what she said to Chuck before he left the station.

  • After Chuck accuses Kelly of dating a rival anchor because he's a younger version of himself, Kelly gets even by redirecting a dinner invitation Chuck intended for a specific co-worker. When both couples end up dining at the same restaurant, the evening turns into a showdown. Ryan also has the dating bug and enlists the help of Marsh and Gary to set up his web cam.

  • After deciding the best way to disclose their parenthood, an untimely ad campaign from the station changes their plans. Meanwhile, Gary begins to regret Marsh's generosity after receiving a gift from him.

  • When newly appointed WURG station manager Ginger Ko decides to make some unpopular changes to the newsroom, Chuck and Kelly pay her a visit. Despite their intentions to confront her about the proposed changes, Ginger turns on the charm, sending Chuck and Kelly away feeling good about the transition. However, the aftermath from their seemingly innocent exchange causes quite a stir in the newsroom, especially for Ryan, who has to step up and carry out a career-first responsibility. Meanwhile, Gary is apprehensive about booking a cruise with his wife for fear the new boss won't agree to him taking the time off, and Marsh accidentally takes his wife's estrogen pill.

  • As Gracie deals with the realization that Chuck is her father, Chuck and Kelly remember the night that changed their lives forever.

  • Kelly gets cold feet as she and Chuck were about to reveal to Gracie that Chuck is her real father. She decides that they need to resolve a few issues first and suggests they visit a therapist, which only complicates matters more when it's discovered that they both are holding back pent-up frustrations. Meanwhile, Gary is upset when he fails to receive the hug and words of encouragement which the security guard hands out daily.

  • While at a surprise party that Marsh has thrown for Chuck, Kelly and Chuck stumble upon an incriminating photo from their past and must take evasive action. Meanwhile, Gary and Ryan make an uncomfortable discovery of their own in Marsh's bedroom.

  • Chuck becomes jealous when Kelly is asked out by a younger, handsome rival. Meanwhile, Gary chastises the members of an animal costume convention.

  • Chuck agrees to babysit Gracie when Kelly is asked to deliver a eulogy for an anchor, who unbeknown to her, had been telling everyone that he and Kelly were secret lovers.

  • A trapped raccoon in the attic disrupts Kelly's plans for Gracie's birthday party. The whole crew attempts to capture the critter before Gracie arrives home.

  • Gracie spends time at the station to stay clear from a bully, while Chuck and Kelly disagree on how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Gary and Marsh bet on baseball; Ryan has a lot in common with one of Gracie's classmates; and a little girl takes Montana's forecast by storm.

  • Chuck turns down a dinner invitation from Ryan, leaving his Friday night wide open for romance. When Kelly tells Ryan he's being selfish, Chuck accuses Kelly of being too uptight. Each wants to prove the other wrong: Chuck agrees to dinner with Ryan and Kelly heads out with Montana for a night on the town.

  • After running into some old news buddies, Chuck feels that he must prove he still has what it takes to be a network anchor. To do so, Chuck tries to trick Kelly so he can cover the lead story of the night, but when the lead story switches back and forth, Kelly and Chuck try to convince each other as to which story each one should cover.

  • Chuck and Kelly continue to get on each other's nerves both on and off camera. However, things change when Chuck's dinner date cancels and he runs into Kelly and Gracie having dinner, which is the making for an awkward meal when he joins them. Gracie and Chuck hit it off, and despite Kelly's disdain for Chuck, she begins to think he might be good for Gracie. Back at the station, Gary is helped by Marsh to make his first anchor highlight video, but it doesn't turn out how they hoped. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to hide his obsession with Montana.

  • Chuck is given a goldfish as a gift, which makes him feel like he needs to prove himself as a good caretaker to Kelly. To do so, Chuck has Ryan help him keep up the illusion that the goldfish is happy, healthy and still living. Meanwhile, while the search for a gripping news story is in full swing, Crezyzewski prepares for a hands-on police taser story.

  • Chuck Darling and Kelly Carr are reunited as lead news anchors ten years after their split. Can the duo rekindle the on-screen magic they once had? Or will history repeat itself once again?

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