Battle of the Planets

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The television show Battle of the Planets is a Japanese anime series. Five young people were carefully chosen to be members of an elite team known as the G-Force. This force has the task of protecting the Earth from invaders including the army of the planet Spectra. Members of the G-Force include a young man named Mark, Jason, Princess, Keytop, and Tiny. The G-Force live on the Phoenix which is a ship used to transport cars and weapons that they need. Zoltar is the commander of the Spectra army and will stop at nothing until he is able to conquer Earth. Zoltar gets his commands from something known as the Luminous One. The Luminous One is really a floating and talking head. Each episode shows how the members of the G-Force need to work together to keep Earth from being taken over not only from Zoltar but other invaders as well.

Anime Network
1 Season, 85 Episodes
September 18, 1978
Anime, Classic, Science Fiction
Cast: Casey Kasem, Janet Waldo, Alan Young, Keye Luke, Ronnie Schell
Battle of the Planets

Battle of the Planets Full Episode Guide

  • Spectra steals the Conway Tapes. Mark and Princess find themselves trapped on a spy ship and taken to Planet Spectra. A terrifying serpent from Planet Spectra attempts to wipe out G-Force once and for all!

  • A scientist that has discovered a secret energy formula is escorted by Mark to scout a location in the arctic as a possible site for a Future World. It turns out to be a dangerous and mind-bending adventure into the future.

  • G-Force stages a daring raid against Planet Spectra, only to learn that they may have fallen in a deadly trap. Jason must overcome the injury that has blurred his vision in order to save his team.

  • Jason is in near a fatal accident with a pedestrian and is unable to join G-Force, leaving them seriously disadvantaged as they face one of Zoltar' attacks. Will this be the end of Jason' career with G-Force?!

  • Earth launches a rocket ship to explore a distant planet, but Zoltar intervenes -- sending the rocket out of orbit and headed crashing back towards Earth! Only G-Force can stop the rocket.

  • G-Force jets to space to the far off Planet of Venus for what seems to be a pleasant vacation. It soon turns into a dangerous mission as the team encounters Zoltar and his men.

  • Villainous robot Charioteers from Planet Spectra are trying to steal the secrets of Chanku. Princess is sent to the Himalayas to investigate.

  • A space colony on the Planet Zebor is attacked by Zoltar and his men. It is suspected that Spectra attacked the colony to lure G-Force onto the planet.

  • Spectra' missiles make their mark and hit the research center, leaving Princess, Mark, and Chief Anderson trapped inside. Jason and Keyop must save them before it' too late.

  • Secret agents from Planet Spectra invade and plant an electronic targeting device in the heart of main complex for Earth. Can G-Force find the transmitter device before Zoltar launches missiles?

  • Colonel Two replaces Zoltar and takes over command of Spectra, planning a new attack against G-Force. The awesome Armadillo from outer space wreaks havoc on Earth.

  • Keyop investigates Witch's Island, which he suspects to be a Spectra base and incredibly close to their own. Is Center Neptune doomed, leaving Zoltar left to be master of the universe?

  • G-Force encounters a villainous new adversary who tests their powers to the limit. Meanwhile, a beautiful spy from Planet Spectra steals a valuable formula which G-Force must recover to save the Earth.

  • A beautiful girl has been kidnapped, and Keyop takes it upon himself to rescue her. But Keyop' affection for the girl is used as bait in a trap from the usual suspects.

  • Zoltar has set up a base on a distant planet called Paradise Island. G-Force must travel there before he and his minions attack and pollute the water reservoirs of Earth.

  • A giant Space Spider from Planet Spectra spins a deadly web as it attempts to conquer Earth. Will G-Force find a way to penetrate the spider' cosmic cobweb?

  • Spectra attacks a mining base filled with plutonium. G-Force must stop Zoltar before he drills into the Earth's core and hits magma, causing a devastating earthquake.

  • Leader X helps Zoltar in personally creating a superior new weapon called the Brain-Warp Device. Mecha peacocks begin using it to attack tourists. Meanwhile, Mark is kidnapped and his memory is suppressed!

  • One of Center Neptune' most trusted agents turns out to be a defector. Will G-Force find a way to stop their "friend"from selling out to Planet Spectra?

  • G-Force flies to a distant country to protect a king and prevent his collection of jewels from getting into the hands of Zoltar. However, the palace soon turns into a terrifying trap and imposter in the king' place.

  • An evil scientist that works for Zoltar creates a powerful weapon to use against G-Force. The Photon Energy Beam causes the members of G-Force to revert to their civilian clothing.

  • Spectra has launched a new assault on Earth, and Tiny is nowhere to be found to help G-Force! The short-handed team must attempt to fend off a Giant Praying Mantis without him.

  • Princess has lost her shoe and can't transmute. Zoltar has the shoe and is trying to replicate her. Spectra captures Princess and she' powerless without G-Force.

  • Spectra has established a base on Planet Lukadia, and their missiles are pointed towards Earth. G-Force shoots down Zoltar, but has the forest rigged with traps.

  • Planet Spectra sends a giant swarm of deadly locusts to devour the Earth' food supply. Can G-Force combat the locusts and save the World from mass starvation?

  • G-Force goes on a dangerous mission into the Himalayas to investigate reported sightings of a giant Bigfoot, but what they find could be even more dangerous.

  • G-Force finds itself the unwilling victims of evil robotoids, bent upon their destruction. Will G-Force escape the terrible plot Zoltar has planned for them?

  • An ancient Egyptian pyramid is stolen and transported to an alien planet. G-Force goes on a mission to unravel the mystery and recover the important monument.

  • One of the island cities of Planet Exor is surrounded by an impenetrable wall of radiation created by a Zoltar bombing raid. Can G-Force handle the radiation?

  • Spectra is doomed unless it has Earth as a supply base. Zoltar attacks Earth's power plants with a Space Octopus, leaving G-Force' to plane malfunction.

  • An evil brain creature from planet Spectra takes over the body of a robot and threatens to destroy Earth. Can G-Force find a way to stop this menacing creature?

  • A baseball stadium becomes the setting for a diabolical scheme concocted by Zoltar and his men. G-Force finds Spectra' secret base underneath the ballpark.

  • Humanoids are made in the spitting image of G-Force as decoys to lure Spectra into a trap. Mark swaps places with his decoy and is captured by Spectra.

  • Mark spots Col. Chronos while flying his jet, whom Mark believed to be dead, and follows him back to a secret base. Spectra's Earth headquarters is revealed.

  • A giant space bat is on the loose and G-Force must stop it. Mark discovers an astronaut whose secret could save them all, if only he could remember.

  • Many planes and ships have been disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. G-Force is sent to Shipwreck Island in the Triangle to investigate.

  • An alien giant from Spectra steals a laser beam from a team of Earth' leading scientists because it is able to cut through its planet' indestructible metal.

  • An ex-con - and excellent marksman - is recruited by planet Spectra to operate its newest weapon, a vehicle-mounted gun. G-Force goes to Spectra to investigate.

  • Remote-controlled robot sharks from planet Spectra are releasing a poisonous pollutant into the ocean and killing the entire ecosystem of fish in it.

  • From the generator labs to the factories, Zoltar plans on destroying Earth's entire energy capabilities. G-Force must stop Scorpion Mecha from its rampage.

  • Will G-Force arrive in time to stop Zoltar from enacting his evil plan of using an X-3 missile and flooding the Earth with radiation?

  • Can Princess activate the electron neutralizer missiles in time to save G-Force from the new doomsday weapon created by Zoltar and his servile followers?

  • Chief Alvin and his men are in cahoots with Zoltar to capture Col. Chronos and overtake the planet of Odin in return for a menacing new weapon.

  • G-Force matches wits with the evil forces of Spectra, as they work desperately to uncover a bomb that threatens to destroy the entire Intergalactic Federation.

  • Planet Vega has been attacked by planet Spectra. G-Force must stop Spectra' powerful Ray Machine before Spectra occupies and takes over the planet.

  • The entire galaxy is at stake as G-Force takes on a secret mission to ensure delivery of the central mechanism of the dynastrol computer.

  • Mark is separated from G-Force when the last known survivor from an alien planet eludes Earth' authorities, forcing Mark to fly on a dangerous mission.

  • G-Force flies to the remote island of Sytron to protect the top secret fuel that is mined there. But planet Spectra has other ideas for the precious resource.

  • G-Force goes to Riga to defend it, but are badly defeated due to poor planning. Mark has lost his confidence and must regain it before it' too late.

  • G-Force is sent on a mission to rescue a married couple that has been kidnapped by aliens from Spectra. What has Zoltar done that makes them appear inhuman?

  • Spectra gains control of a maximum security prison on Barracuda Island. Zoltar promises the prisoners freedom in exchange for joining Spectra.

  • G-Force attends a rock concert by the Dirty Name 5. Spectra kidnaps the band and comes up with an evil plan to use sound as a weapon against Earth.

  • Princess is being held captive by the carnivorous flowers and they seem to be indestructible. G-Force must find a way to rescue her and destroy the flowers.

  • Mysterious spores from outer space grow into giant carnivorous flowers, endangering the people of Earth. Princess gets captured by the frightening flowers.

  • Orion, the wonder dog of space, joins G-Force to combat invaders from Spectra. Can G-Force, with the help of Orion, stop Spectra from melting the North Pole?

  • A swarm of squid destroys a cargo ship off the coast of Portugal. Spectra is suspected of being behind the attack as the ship was carrying a precious mineral.

  • G-Force flies to the Arabian Desert to help their young friend, the Young Sheik of Abura, and are forced to defend themselves from a mysterious U.F.O.

  • Princess and Keyop have been captured by Spectra' spies. Zoltar continues his disastrous search for the Conway Tapes as they hold the defense codes for Earth.

  • A giant sea monster from planet Spectra attacks Earth' sister planet, Arturus. G-Force is ordered to go undercover to infiltrate the planet.

  • A mask-wearing woman tries to kill Jason and Chief Anderson. Could this be Zoltar' sister? And can G-Force stop her and her menacing minions?

  • A typhoon causes mass destruction, but was "manmade."G-Force investigates the suspicious activities and a possible Zoltar connection.

  • G-Force is on watch as Jason and his old friend, Lucy, compete in an interplanetary race starting in Africa. Will they be able to evade all of the obstacles thrown at them by Zoltar and his minions?

  • Tiny is suspended from G-Force due to falling asleep on the job. He finds out a mysterious sea monster is terrorizing the planet and tries to redeem himself by facing the threat alone.

  • A Lava Giant appears out nowhere and attacks the colonized asteroid of Space Island. G-Force must split up and use their individual vehicles to lure the Lava Giant towards the sea, or else!

  • Three of earth's top scientists mysteriously vanish, giving G-Force a new mission to protect the remaining population of scientists left on planet Earth.

  • Planet Spectra unleashes its newest weapon, an enormous black ball, and none of G-Force's weapons can destroy it. They must come up with a plan to, somehow, stop it before it destroys the Earth.

  • The diabolic planet Spectra strikes at a new defense base on planet Aquatica with a monstrous sea dragon. Can the super powers of G-Force cope with this awesome new weapon that appears indestructible?

  • A genius scientist, Professor Doriarity, is recruited by planet Spectra to build an army of cyborg horses in return for him being ruler of Spectra. G-Force must rescue the mad genius before the power and greed overtake him.

  • Zoltar sends a mecha whale to Earth to attack Bay City, the main storage city for marine fuel. G-Force must save all the whales in the sea before are threatened with extinction by this mechanical monster.

  • In what is Zoltar' most fiendish idea yet, he powers a swarm of giant mecha beetles from outer space by harnessing the life force of humans' energy. Four young boys, including Keyop, are captured and G-Force must save them before it' too late.

  • Metamorphosis 1 is created to assist 7-Zark-7 as his master computer, but Zoltar has plans to steal the machine as it has the blueprints to all of Center Neptune' computers.

  • An alien presence has infiltrated the planet of Riga and G-Force must travel there to investigate. This amorphous creature with 1,000 eyes is being bred to destroy the Riga and Earth. Can G-Force stop it before it' too late?

  • G-Force flies to the frozen North to rescue a famous scientist who has fallen into the clutches of the evil Zoltar. There, they must battle a new and awesome weapon from planet Spectra.

  • A giant beetle mecha is sent from planet Spectra to eat up all of the sugar cane crops. G-Force must track down the pest before the world' supply of sugar is depleted.

  • G-Force must escort a new plane, called the FY-9, to the planet Riga. Can they get it safely to the planet before space pirates steal the powerful plane and use it for their own evil plot?

  • After a blackout in the city, G-Force heads out to find that a swarm of ants is attacking the Solar Fusion Plant. A new enemy is on the horizon as Commandeer Antof has struck a bargain with Zoltar, giving him Earth if he destroys G-Force.

  • In exchange for returning to his exiled planet, Commander Typhon aids Zoltar in his quest to take over the Earth by giving him a new weapon that produces meteor showers. Can G-Force stop this ultimate weapon?

  • Fearing attack from a mecha sea anemone, the team is used as bait to defend construction of a secret base somewhere in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. What will happen when Zoltar captures one of the team members?

  • Mark has been specially selected to test the XF-97 aircraft, but is attacked by Captain Doom's metal whip while in flight. The team heads to planet Ergos in search of the source of metal before other weapons can be constructed with it.

  • G-Force is sent out to get back all the bars of gold that Zoltar stole from the Intergalactic Federation. While searching for the stolen gold, some of the team is captured and taken to a secret Spectra base.

  • Ships keep being destroyed on planet Mir as someone doesn't want a new supply station built there. G-Force gets lured into a trap by ghost ships and must figure out who is behind it all before it' too late.

  • A mysterious space serpent has begun attacking the oil refineries, causing earthquakes. Debbie is upset at Mark after he fails to save her father, Dr. Harland, from dying in an earthquake. G-Force exacts revenge for his death.

  • G-Force learns that several mysterious plane crashes have been occurring on a planet that 7-Zark-7 has discovered. Mark goes undercover and finds out that giant mummy is bringing down the planes. They must destroy the mummy before it destroys them.

  • Two astronauts are kidnapped by a submarine upon discovering the secret location of the Spectra bases. G-Force is called in to rescue them and see what they have discovered.

  • Zoltar leads Spectra to overtake the universe by using a powerful robot collective called the Space Terrapin. The G-Force must battle these evil forces to protect the Earth's most valuable mineral, Vitalumis.

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