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  • 2007
  • 1 Season

Better Half was a limited reality TV series that aired on Bravo back in 2007. The show was essentially a spin-off of the popular reality series Project Runway, and it was hosted by Project Runway’s season two finalist, Nick Verreos. The premise of Better Half was simple. In each episode, the significant other half of a fashion designer was brought in to take the reins and design an outfit from scratch. The designers were not allowed to provide their input or help in any way, they could only watch their partners work and provide commentary.

The show's format saw each episode presenting three fashion designer-and-significant-other teams, where the significant other was given a budget of $5,000 to create one outfit, which was then judged by a panel of fashion industry experts.

The panel comprised of Verreos himself, who provided valuable insights based on his experience in Project Runway, fashion designer Kevan Hall, and fashion enthusiast Catherine Malandrino.

The winning team at the end of the episode was rewarded with a dream vacation package, including a luxury vacation to a destination of their choice.

The show explored the dynamics between the fashion designer and their significant other, providing an insight into their relationships. The show's twist was to see the fashion designer show some vulnerability for a change, as their significant other takes the reins.

The show’s focus was not just on fashion, but on the relationships that exist behind the scene. Better Half highlighted the difference in design philosophy by presenting a man’s perspective versus a woman’s perspective.

Notably, the show highlighted the challenges that come with collaborating with one's partner who is not in the fashion industry. The show demonstrated how difficult it can be to transfer one’s vision to another person and how it can challenge the relationship dynamics.

The show had its share of drama as seen in every reality TV. While Better Half was less confrontational than Project Runway, there were still moments where emotions ran high.

As a spin-off, Better Half did not have the same widespread appeal as Project Runway, but the concept was unique in its view. What set it apart was that it was a limited series and was not branded as a competition show.

Overall, Better Half was an interesting concept that aimed to highlight a different side of the fashion industry. It was an entertaining, if not groundbreaking, show that tackled the complex relationship between two people while showcasing the art of fashion design.

Despite the issues in execution, Better Half was an excellent exploration of the human side of fashion and its relationship with love, life, and family. The show certainly brought something new to the table and was worth watching.

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  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 2007