Better Half

Better Half is a reality television series that started airing back in 2007. The series episodes were directed by Michael Pearlman and Krystal Kennedy. Better Half features the host, Susie Essman, talking about the competition that goes on during the series. Each week, there are several people from in different professional backgrounds who teach their spouses or significant others how to do their jobs. Essentially, they end up switching places as the episodes go on and give their thoughts and feelings.

Wednesdays at 11:00 pm on Bravo
1 Season, 6 Episodes
October 3, 2007
Better Half

Better Half Full Episode Guide

  • For expert event planners Erica and Jeff, work's a blast, but Michael and Oskar, the men in their lives, are about to discover the agony behind their ecstasy as they learn the ins and outs of partying from their professional partners in the business. Guest Judges: Marcy Blum, Peter Otero & Majorie Gubelmann-Raein.

  • Two hairstylists teach their male partners---one a personal trainer, the other a plumber---how to cut and coif hair. The two newbies then go head-to-head (literally) in competition to showcase their new skills. Hair-care specialists Ted Gibson, Mark Garrison and Rita Hazan are the guest judges.

  • Two fitness trainers have only two days to teach their sweaty craft to their mates, who are then tested when they must lead their own aerobics class. Wellness gurus Jackie Warner ('Work Out'), David Kirsch and Denise Austin are the guest judges.

  • Two professional photographers focus on teaching their mates how to take pictures and stage a shoot. Model Maggie Rizer and photographers Ron Galella and Patrick McMullan are the guest judges.

  • Ardie and Joe are successful comedians who perform at New York City's top clubs. But joke's on them when they have just two days to make stand-up comics out of two complete novices-their significant others Ciara and Stephanie. Guest Judges: Joy Behar, Eddie Brill & Sommore.

  • Top New York chefs Paolo and Kyle are about to reach their boiling point when they let their ladies Ellen and Sarah into their kitchens and prep them for the ultimate culinary competition. Guest Judges: Gael Greene, Donatella Arpaia & Harold Dieterle.

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