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Better With You is aired on ABC and stars Joanna Garcia Swisher. The show is revolved around three different couples who live interesting and nearly intertwined lifestyles. Maddie and Ben have been dating for nine years, and they find that their life is exciting and good enough just the way it is despite never taking that next step of finally getting married.

Maddie soon finds her life to change drastically once her younger sister Mia ends up getting married out of nowhere with a guyu named Casey. She has only knows Casey for just seven short weeks, so Maddie finds her sister to be getting married way too soon.

Maddie ends up getting a little worried when her parents, who have been married for more than 35 years completely agree with the marriage taking place despite the seven short weeks of being together.

Maddie and Ben end up rethinking about who they are as a couple, so they question everything about their relationship. They feel as though they need to take that step, but they also feel that it may not be needed. Maddie personally knows that her parents are happy with the marriage taking place between Mia and her fianc

1 Season, 22 Episodes
September 22, 2010
Cast: JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Jennifer Finnigan, Josh Cooke, Jake Lacy
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Better With You Full Episode Guide

  • While in labor, Mia and Casey make the drastic decision to get married before the baby is born.

  • Joel uses his bargaining skills to get Mia the high-end baby stroller she has been fantasizing about.

  • Mia realizes that her pregnancy won't let her take part in all of her wedding festivities, so she and Casey decide to reschedule the wedding until after the baby is born.

  • On the eve of Mia and Casey's engagement party, Maddie gets a hunch that the romantic and charming story Mia has been sharing about how she and Casey met is made up.

  • Maddie is thrilled to make partner at her law firm.

  • Casey is put in an awkward situation when his ex-girlfriend demands that he return her couch that she let him borrow before their breakup, the same couch Mia and Casey are using presently.

  • Ben strives to get his name on posted on the wall of his favorite bar, but when he learns the identity of the new owner, things get a little complicated.

  • Unaware of the bad luck that follows the wearer of a particular leather jacket, Casey borrows it without asking and goes for a job interview.

  • Casey Valentine's Day plans for Mia somehow turns into a competition for Ben and Joel to outdo him.

  • After parents-to-be Mia and Casey adopt a cat, the pediatrician advises them they shouldn't have a stray animal around the baby. Maddie and Ben enter into a spirited competition with Vicky and Joel, all under the impression that if one of them takes in Mr. Meow-gi, then Mia and Casey will name that couple as the baby's guardian.

  • When Mia accuses Ben of ripping her favorite pair of jeans, she drags him to the store, where he has to break the tough news to Mia it's time for pregnancy pants. Meanwhile Joel decides to get himself into shape after he discovers he's ranked last in Vicky and her girlfriends' fantasy husband draft website, and Maddie tries to impress Casey with her respect for the U.S. Postal Service.

  • Mia and Maddie know their parents will guilt trip them if they don't uphold the Putney family Christmas tradition of spending the holiday together at their lake house. When Maddie finds out Mia and Casey are using their pregnancy as an excuse, she tells Vicky and Joel her own tall tale to keep from having to go.

  • The entire family is relieved when Vicky's oven breaks down and she is unable to create her crazy Thanksgiving concoctions. Meanwhile, Mia accidentally finds her late grandmother's ring, which was presumably stolen, in Maddie's closet.Write a Recap »

  • Mia and Casey are thrilled when Maddie gets them a meeting with one of the top wedding planners in the city - the charming but very expensive Lorraine Ashley. However, the too-good-to-be-true arrangement turns awkward when it appears as if Lorraine is trying to upstage the couple's pending nuptials. Meanwhile, Ben realizes that he has been with Maddie for so long that his "flirting muscle" has gone soft.

  • Ben and Joel go on road trip to Vermont with Casey in order to help him move his stuff out of storage, and while Ben wants to use this chance to bond with Casey, Joel has a different agenda. Mia, Maddie and Vicky organize a baby shower which goes out of control when Casey's mother butts heads with Vicky.

  • When Casey and Mia have their first fight as an engaged couple, Casey implements his plan that puts all arguments to a halt. In an effort to help, Maddie decides to show them how arguing can actually be healthy for a relationship, but ends up exposing a fault in her own nine-year relationship with Ben. Meanwhile, the longtime married Vicky and Joel quietly resolve their arguments by simply hiding each other's things.

  • Ben is secretly hurt when he is left out of the Putney family's Christmas card photo even though he complains about having to be in it every year; Mia and Casey ask Maddie and Ben to be the people who say ``no'' to their future child.

  • Casey's taste in homes concerns Mia.

  • In the series premiere of "Better With You," Maddie is shocked to learn of her younger sister's engagement. Meanwhile, Casey shares exciting news with Ben.

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