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In this animated series, an aspiring Beyblade competitor travels to Spain to take on European champions on his way to, he hopes, the World title. This 2017 series is a sequel to the 2016 Beyblade Burst, which was conceived as a marketing tool for the line of Beyblade toys.

Beyblade Burst Evolution is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on November 15, 2016.

Beyblade Burst Evolution is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beyblade Burst Evolution on demand atNetflix, Sling online.

Monday at on Disney XD
1 Season, 51 Episodes
November 15, 2016
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon
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Beyblade Burst Evolution Full Episode Guide

  • Valt faces Shu one last time, with everything on the line: the title of World's Strongest Blader, his pride and his friend's very soul. Let it rip!

  • After his match with Free, Valt's family and friends come to cheer him on for the final round of the tournament: a rematch against his oldest friend.

  • Four Bladers advance to the semi-finals of the International Blader's Cup. Shu faces off against Lui, while Valt prepares for his match against Free.

  • Free and Lui's battle concludes, and Norman and Shu face each other in a Snake Pit rematch. Valt faces Boa for a chance to advance to the next round.

  • In the wake of his match with Shu, Free tells Valt about a dangerous new training method before facing Lui.

  • In the fourth round, Valt finally faces his former best friend Shu and his infamous Bey, Requiem Spryzen. Valt will have to give it his all to win.

  • The leaderboards aren’t looking too great for BC Sol's Bladers. To survive the next round, Valt, Silas and Cuza will have to level up or go home!

  • Shu and Kurt battle for victory while Joshua prepares to fight Free once again as the winners rise and the losers continue to fall.

  • Wakiya's suspicions about the Cup grow while the battles rage on. Silas prepares a new technique as Valt and Cuza square off.

  • The battles for the Cup continue, with the Snake Pit alumni squaring off against each other. Boa faces Shu, then Norman battles Clio and Cuza.

  • The Cup kicks off with Valt chosen to face off against Kurt in an epic battle for the ages.

  • The International Blader's Cup is about to begin, but Valt and Kit get distracted by a shady underground arena where fierce Bladers compete.

  • A new global Blading tournament is announced: the International Blader's Cup! He's already qualified, but Valt vows to train even harder than ever.

  • Red Eye returns to stake his claim as the ultimate Blader, accepting a match against Lui. Red Eye's secret identity is revealed, shocking everyone.

  • The World League final's final match: Silas versus Joshua, BC Sol versus the Raging Bulls. After all their hard work, there can only be one winner!

  • The battles continue, and the tension is rising. With the final match looming, Free faces Silas while Valt goes up against Joshua.

  • The World League finals begin at last, with BC Sol facing off against the Raging Bulls. Lui is only one of many familiar faces making a reappearance!

  • Daigo and Joshua Burns battle for a spot in the finals and Xander faces his ultimate rival, Valt. Everything is riding on these matches!

  • Valt and his friends are still battling for a place in the finals. Both Cuza and Valt face off against Ren Wu, one of the elite Big 5 Bladers.

  • The semi-finals begin, with BC Sol facing SB Rios and AS Gallus battling the Raging Bulls. With advancement on the line, no one's holding back!

  • For their battle against SB Rios, BC Sol head to Brazil, where they get into some trouble at the Bey Carnival.

  • Valt and his friends head to France to cheer Daigo and his team on in the big showdown between AC Gallus and BC Galleon.

  • The next World League battle, between SB Rios and Sunbat United, is scheduled for Japan! Which means Valt and his friends get to go home for a visit.