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The half hour reality show Big Easy Justice is filmed in New Orleans and follows bounty hunter Tat-2 as he finds some of Louisiana's most notorious criminals. As a bounty hunter it is his job to find bail jumpers and bring them back for prosecution. He is trained to apprehend his suspect by any means possible whether it's physically or psychologically.

The fugitive's crimes can range from drug possession to armed robbery or domestic violence to murder; if they are wanted in the Big Easy, Tat-2 will take them on. Along with his Elite Fugitive Recovery Team, the cameras follow as they go on stake-outs, foot chases or raids to track down their fugitive. There are four of them in this elite team: Tat-2, Viper, Wally and Arsenio.

Tat-2 was raised in New Orleans and only left briefly to join the Air Force. After serving in Desert Strom he returned to New Orleans and was a police officer in two precincts. Now he is the top bounty hunter in New Orleans and after 12 years of bounty hunting he has captured more than 10,000 fugitives. Tat-2 and Viper has been best friends since they were young and have worked together for 10 years now. Viper loves the thrill of the hunt and in his spare time he practices the martial arts of Sapo Del Kung Fu and Tang Soo.

Wally and Tat-2 met after he became a security guard at Tat-2's apartment building. Now he does all the computer work for the team. He is also very agile and fast so the team uses him at any exit that a fugitive might try to escape from. Arsenio also grew up in Louisiana and realized from a young age that either you can be a criminal or be the one catching the criminal. Weighing in at 350 pounds, Arsenio is used for sheer intimidation and as a powerhouse to take down the fugitive.

Monday 11:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
1 Season, 10 Episodes
April 10, 2012
Crime, Reality
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Big Easy Justice Full Episode Guide

  • When an armed and dangerous drug runner escapes to New Orleans, a team of Baton Rouge bounty hunters seek Tat-2's help to bring the fugitive to justice.

  • Tat-2 track a fugitive who may be getting help from his family.

  • The crew plots to catch a gang member wanted for murder.

  • Tat-2 is relentless in his search for an Alabama fugitive rumored to be hiding in New Orleans.

  • Ricky finds himself alone when an ambush goes wrong.

  • Tat-2 and his team are short one man while trying to apprehend a crack addict.

  • Tat-2 and his team search for an armed robber who has a history of reacting to law enforcement authority.

  • Tat-2 and his team search "The Dump" for a drug dealer who is on the run with his five children.

  • Tat-2 and his team search "Drug Alley" for a junkie who's hiding in abandoned houses with a stash of weapons.

  • In the series premiere meet Tat-2, New Orleans' infamous bounty hunter, as he searches the bayou for a fugitive who has threatened Tat's friend.

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