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Blood Ties is a Canadian TV show that ran from 2007 to 2008. The series creator is Peter Mohan and the story arch is based on the Tanya Huff "Blood Books" novels. The premise of the show is centered on a private investigator named Vicki Nelson. Nelson, played by Christina Cox, is working as a Homicide Division detective with the Metropolitan Toronto Police when she suddenly begins to lose her eyesight from retinitis pigmentosa. Rather than take an office job offered to her, Vicki opts to leave the force altogether, much to the displeasure of Detective Mike Celluci. Detective Celluci happens to be her former partner on the force and an on again/off again lover.

Vicki becomes a private investigator and develops a working relationship with Henry Fitzoy. Fitzoy happens to be a 470-year-old vampire and the illegitimate child to Henry VII of England. Henry, living a rather reclusive life in Toronto as a comic book artist, meets Vicki when a man attempts to introduce a demon by the name of Asteroth to the mortal world. From that moment on, the two of them continue to work together to defeat supernatural and paranormal threats.

Henry gradually grows attracted to Vicki's approach to life and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Detective Mike Celluci remains a friend to Vicki and grows concerned over the type of cases she's taking. He also has a difficult time coming to terms with the trust Vicki puts in Henry.

That said Mike and Henry join forces whenever Vicki is in trouble. Vicki's office assistant, Coreen Fennel, also plays a role in cases thanks to her broad knowledge of the occult. She appears to have a crush on Henry and works as a mediator between Mike and Vicki in moments of tension. Coreen's character appears only minimally in the novels. She is thought to have replaced the reformed street hustler/free-spirited Tony character that is more prominently featured in the novels.

Blood Ties is a Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on March 11, 2007. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.2.

Blood Ties is available for streaming on the Lifetime website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Blood Ties on demand at Tubi TV, Pluto TV Amazon Prime, Vudu, Sling, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
March 11, 2007
Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Cast: Christina Cox, Kyle Schmid, Dylan Neal, Gina Holden, Fran├žoise Yip
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Blood Ties Full Episode Guide

  • Coreen is possessed by Astaroth, who wants to use her to get to Vicky.Vicky must make a choice that could imperil her soul.Mike gets in serious trouble at work because of his association with Vicky and Henry finalizes his arrangements to move to Vancouver.

  • Vicky is hired by a 15 year old re-incarnanated boy, looking for his re-incarnated wife, that he always finds at a marked tree. This rebirth things go awry and he has been unable to find her.Henry is making arrangements to move cross country to Vancouver.

  • A mummy is back from the dead and needs life energy to stay alive; so the mummy goes after the one person that will keep him alive forever: Henry.

  • The bodies of murdered artists drowned in blue paint are popping up all over. There are no clues since they are murdered by the spirit of a dead painter. One dead artist had ties with Henry, revealing more clues about him.

  • Vicki relives the same day repeatedly, waking at 5:55pm after what seems to be a dream in which she and her friends die working a case connected to an antiques dealer and a mysterious box.

  • A man dies from an unusual animal attack, and Vicki's probe points her to supernatural beings who take on the shape of animals.

  • Vicki fears for her life after a visit from a psychic reveals her imminent death at the base of a pentagram. The city also sees a relapse of the demon killings, similar to the ones that occurred when Vicki first encountered Astrof and the supernatural world.

  • An expectant father hires Vicki when he believes his pregnant wife is being brainwashed and held hostage by a cult posing as a fertility clinic.

  • When a corpse is missing, Vicki is asked to locate the body. The surveillance tapes reveal that the body-snatcher is wearing a mask similar to that of Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead, and Vicki's team soon discovers the thief is using necrodrome to resurrect the dead.

  • Vicki's latest case puts her on the hunt for a missing male model. When it becomes a police matter, Mike gets involved. They are both led to Elena, a beautiful club owner whom Vicki discovers is the reincarnate of "Medusa."

  • With Henry captured by Javier, Mike must put aside his jealousy and help Vicki save their friend. The team learns Javier lived during the Spanish Inquisition, staying immortal by drinking the blood of vampires.

  • Vicki is enlisted to find out what is happening to missing homeless persons. Her investigation leads her to the mythical aboriginal cannibal spirit called a "windigo." Mike's suspicions of Henry come to a head when he links Henry to dozens of murdered women, all with puncture wounds on their neck. Mike is also visited by Javier Mendoza, a member of the "church," who has been hunting Henry for decades.

  • A suspicious husband who hires Vicki to prove his wife is unfaithful becomes the prime suspect in his spouse's death. Vicki's search for the killer leads her to a cul-de-sac of housewives under the influence of a sexy gardener, Emmanuel. Vicki enlists Henry to use his "charm" on the housewives to find out more info.Also Henry kisses Vicki, Mike walks in on them.

  • Vicki's latest case puts her on the trail of deceased convicted killer who happens to be a revenge-seeking ghost. As Vicki attempts to stop the ghost from killing even more people, she learns her connection to the supernatural world is deeper than she thought. Mike also confronts Vicki about Henry's true identity.

  • When a young girl is left alone following her mother's death, Vicki is hired to track down her estranged dad. But Vicki soon discovers the girl has special kinetic powers that are far from what's considered a "gift." Meanwhile, Vicki is torn between her partnership with Henry and her relationship with Mike.

  • Vicki is hired by a woman desperately seeking her missing brother. With Henry's help, Vicki soon discovers that her client is more than what she appears to be.

  • Despite her skepticism, Vicki teams up with Henry in their search for the killer, but things heat up between the two complicating the investigation-and leaves Vicki's ex-partner slash lover Mike Celucci less than thrilled. Meanwhile, Vicki agrees to take on Coreen as her new assistant.

  • Fearless ex-cop turned private investigator Vicki finds her entire life changes after she witnesses a bizarre murder and is suddenly thrown into a supernatural world in which she discovers her suspect is a demon and she is working alongside a 500-year-old vampire, Henry.