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The television series entitled Blade: The Series is centered on the life and experiences of Krista. Krista comes back home from Iraq after serving in the military on mission and finds out about the death of her twin brother Zack. The events surrounding Zack's death were still mysterious and unknown even at the time Krista got home.

Krista sets out to investigate the circumstances surrounding her brother's death and finds out her brother had been involved with vampires, with whom he had made a deal and an agreement to accept the vampires offer in exchange for eternal life. Krista is determined to find her brother's murderer no matter the circumstances.

In the course of investigating she comes across Blade and Marcus who was actually the killer. Marcus was a very strong vampire. He injects blood into Krista's body and turns her into a vampire. Blade, on the other hand, promises to assist Krista get revenge for her brother's death by fighting and defeating Marcus. He also injects blood into Krista's system to empower her.

Krista then starts working closely with Blade to achieve her goal. She faces challenges as Marcus was very smart and crafty. They later discover that Marcus is planning to develop a virus that he will use to destroy the ruling vampires but not harming the normal vampires like himself and Blade. At the end of the series he successfully launches it.

The series was created by David Gover and developed by Marvel Entertainment, Phantom Four, New Line Television. It comprised of 12 episodes each airing for 46 minutes on channels like Spike.

The characters in the series include Kirk Jones starring as Blade, Nelson Lee starring as Shen, Neil Jackson starring as Marcus, Jessica Gower starring as Chase.

The characters in the series include Kirk Jones starring as Blade, Jill Wagner starring as Krista Starr, Neil Jackson starring as Marcus Sciver, Jessica Gower starring as Chase and Nelson Lee starring as Shen.

The series was created by David Goyer and directed by Peter O'Fallon.

Spike TV
1 Season, 12 Episodes
June 28, 2006
Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Cast: Sticky Fingaz, Jill Wagner, Nelson Lee, Jessica Gower
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Blade: The Series Full Episode Guide

  • The first season concludes with Blade and Shen monitoring Marcus's plan during a stakeout of the House of Chthon.

  • Marcus devises strategies to neutralize Charlotte and strike the Pure Bloods at their next conclave.

  • Blade and Shen learn about the resurgence of the White Prince, an infamous vampire serial killer whothey think is working out of a Detroit nightclub. After feeding on Marcus, Blade forces Krista into isolateddetox. Charlotte invites Chase for a visit and makes her a proposition.

  • Krista's newly turned mother escapes from the hospital. In Vegas, Chase meets up with old flame Alex, a wealthy Pure Blood who encourages her to leave Marcus. Blade and Krista try to track down Krista's mother to get her on the serum that can keep her from killing.

  • While investigating the virus that had been implanted in Vanessa, Blade learns about the murder of Flannigan, a cop who helped care for him when he was a child.

  • Blade takes Vanessa to Paris, and Marcus sends Krista and Jakob to get her back; Krista learns her mother has leukemia; Dr. Lambert's examination of Vanessa shows she isn't actually carrying a baby.

  • Blade travels to Berlin track down pregnant patient Vanessa, but Chase gets to her first; Marcus catches Krista trying to steal the Aurora vaccine; Boone continues his killing spree and visits Damek at the House of Armaya.

  • Rev. Carlyle sets Blade up to get captured by the Bad Bloods, a group of evil vampires who were once Blade's childhood friends; Chase takes Krista to the House of Leichen for a blood ritual that will help them track Boone.

  • Blade seeks a contact which has information about House of Armaya, which conducts experiments upon vampires.

  • Krista becomes angry at the precautions that Marcus has set to prevent her from leaving the house, which also makes seeing Blade nearly impossible. Surviving off of Blade's artificial blood, Krista grows frustrated with her life as a vampire, and believes her life is over. Meanwhile, Detective Boone (the man who was turned into a vampire in the previous episode) escapes from the vampire research containment truck. Also, Fritz seeks vengeance upon Blade, who has been trying to learn how Fritz came to be.

  • Krista returns home from the military to find that her brother has been arrested yet again, and later murdered. After doing some investigating to find out information on who killed him, she ends up at a vampire-expert's house, who explains to her the way things work with vampires, as well as Blade, whom she encountered earlier while snooping around. Still trying to avenge her brother's death, she comes across Blade again, who takes her back to his head quarters. He sets her up to place a tracking device in Marcus' pocket, though he "admits" to killing her brother, which leads to her attempt at killing him. She is unsuccessful, however, and turned into a vampire after being attained by Marcus' henchwoman.

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