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Some of the best television occurred during the 80's. Many groundbreaking shows were being introduced and the reason it was so groundbreaking was due to the nature of the material that was being dealt with. Although some shows chose to deal with controversial subject matter in a humorous way, the fact remains that they were still dealing with it; something that had been overlooked for quite some time. One such show that helped forge the way for this sort of treatment would be Brothers.

Brothers was a 30 minute comedy that aired on the Showtime cable network in the 1980's. As the show's title indicates the show centers on the Waters brothers; Lou, the oldest, Joe and Cliff, the youngest. Lou was the blue-collar construction worker, while Joe was the retired place kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles as well as a sports bar owner. This leaves the youngest, Cliff, who was an admitted homosexual.

The show deals with the three brothers lives and interactions with each other as well as the attempts of the eldest two brothers to learn acceptance of their youngest siblings homosexuality. Although the show deals with the subject in a comedic way it was still instrumental in helping address the issue and delivering the message that just because a person is homosexual they are still a person and still need and deserve love. Something that the eldest two Waters brothers realize early and work diligently to come to grips with, despite their misgivings and worries.

Part of what made this show so great was the chemistry between the characters. Lou comes across as somewhat of a comic relief in his attempts to be liberal and accepting. However, the lynch pin of the trio is middle brother Joe, who keeps things running smoothly.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 25, 2009
Cast: Robert Walden, Paul Regina, Brandon Maggart, Hallie Todd
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  • MIKE (Michael Strahan) is surprised when sports writer, MEG (Toni Trucks), decides to do a cover story on him for PSEN magazine. Mike thinks that this may be his big break to find more work, maybe even in Hollywood. Meg decides to dig a little deeper by asking CHILL (Daryl "Chill" Mitchell) and other people close to Mike in order for her to get her big story. Meanwhile COACH's (Carl Weathers) team is undefeated and he is taking his superstitions to an extreme level. ADELE (CCH Pounder) is unhappy that Coach won't break some of his superstitions for her. She feels like Coach is choosing the football team over her and doesn't know if she will ever get her husband back.

  • For Mike and Chill, it's all about Girls, Girls, Girls.

  • When Lenny, Adele's brother-in-law, shows up on the Trainor's doorsteps after his wife Cynthia flies to Mexico solo, Coach and Adele try to find ways to bring them back together. Meanwhile, Adele prepares for Christmas with the family, but the plans she had in mind are stopped when Mike and Chill are called into work.

  • Coach's bother Maurice is released from jail after Cousin Kenny helps him. Maurice has been a problem in the past but has turned into a pretty good guy. Mike makes a play for a new waitress at the restaurant and Jimmy Johnson makes a cameo appearance.

  • The Trainors do what it takes to be a winning team.

  • Mike and his former rival do a post-game commentary and makes a commercial spot with Adele. Chill assists Coach in getting his driver's license renewed.

  • Coach is begged by Adele to be on his best behavior as her sister and brother-in-law pay the Trainor's a visit.

  • Mike and Chill hire their cousin to recover missing money.

  • Adele takes over at the bar when the bartender quits. Meanwhile, Coach gets a taste of freedom while Adele is out of the house.

  • Former NFL star Mike Trainor gets a chance at a fresh start.

  • Mike's mother feels he has committed a personal foul when he lets his date stay over night. She decides to set up some house rules for the boys. And Coach, the man of the house is in hot water after forgetting his wedding anniversary.

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