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  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 8.0  (409)

Brothers is an American sitcom that aired on FOX for five seasons from 1984 to 1989. Created by David Lloyd, the show starred Robert Walden in the lead role alongside a talented cast of actors. The show centers around the lives of three adult siblings – Lou Waters (Robert Walden), a sportswriter; Joe Waters (Brandon Maggart), a plumber; and Cliff Waters (Paul Regina), a restaurant manager – who live together in a small apartment in Philadelphia. They are joined by their widowed father, Tom Waters (Philip Charles Mackenzie), who moves in with them after his wife's death.

The series explores the relationship between the brothers as they deal with the challenges of adult life – romance, work, money, and family – while living under the same roof. While Lou is the dominant sibling who often meddles in his brothers' affairs, Joe is the easy-going everyman who loves his beer, while Cliff is the charming playboy who often finds himself in trouble.

Throughout the series, the brothers navigate their complicated familial relationships, as well as their individual personal and professional pursuits. Lou, a devoted bachelor, is often conflicted about his feelings towards his ex-girlfriend, Ethel (Robin Riker), while also trying to climb the ranks at his newspaper job. Joe, a friendly and lovable plumber, makes ends meet by taking odd jobs and frequently has run-ins with his boss, Harry (Al Ruscio). Finally, Cliff, the young and carefree manager of the brothers' favorite restaurant, spends his time chasing after women and avoiding consequences.

Despite the brothers' various eccentricities, they share a genuine love and deep bond that keeps them together through life's ups and downs. In addition to the family dynamic, the show also touched on important social issues of the time, such as HIV/AIDS, drug addiction, and race relations.

Throughout its five-year run, Brothers was well-received by both audiences and critics alike, with many praising the show's heartfelt comedy and relatable characters. The show's all-star cast, including Robert Walden, Brandon Maggart, and Paul Regina, were particularly lauded for their excellent performances and believable chemistry.

Overall, Brothers was a groundbreaking series that pushed the boundaries of what could be explored on television, while also delivering plenty of laughs and heart to its audience. Its legacy lives on as one of the most beloved sitcoms of the 1980s.

Brothers is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 2009.

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Follow the Story
13. Follow the Story
December 27, 2009
MIKE (Michael Strahan) is surprised when sports writer, MEG (Toni Trucks), decides to do a cover story on him for PSEN magazine. Mike thinks that this may be his big break to find more work, maybe even in Hollywood. Meg decides to dig a little deeper by asking CHILL (Daryl "Chill" Mitchell) and other people close to Mike in order for her to get her big story. Meanwhile COACH's (Carl Weathers) team is undefeated and he is taking his superstitions to an extreme level. ADELE (CCH Pounder) is unhappy that Coach won't break some of his superstitions for her. She feels like Coach is choosing the football team over her and doesn't know if she will ever get her husband back.
Girls Girls Girls
12. Girls Girls Girls
December 27, 2009
For Mike and Chill, it's all about Girls, Girls, Girls.
11. Christmas
December 13, 2009
When Lenny, Adele's brother-in-law, shows up on the Trainor's doorsteps after his wife Cynthia flies to Mexico solo, Coach and Adele try to find ways to bring them back together. Meanwhile, Adele prepares for Christmas with the family, but the plans she had in mind are stopped when Mike and Chill are called into work.
Snoop Returns
10. Snoop Returns
December 13, 2009
Coach's bother Maurice is released from jail after Cousin Kenny helps him. Maurice has been a problem in the past but has turned into a pretty good guy. Mike makes a play for a new waitress at the restaurant and Jimmy Johnson makes a cameo appearance.
Week in the Chair
9. Week in the Chair
November 22, 2009
Mike (Michael Strahan) bets his brother Chill (Daryl Chill Mitchell) that he can stay in a wheelchair for a week in order to get out of doing the household chores. Coach (Carl Weathers) feels the itch to have another child around the home, but will he convince Adele (CCH Pounder) that they are ready for round two.
NFL Comeback
8. NFL Comeback
November 8, 2009
Mike has another shot at playing in the NFL and his financial crisis may be coming to an end. The only problem is he has to pass a physical in two weeks and gets Coach and Chill to help him get in shape. Meanwhile Mom in her role as Principal is meddling with a students decision to try to play pro baseball.
Meet Mike Trainor: Assistant Coach
7. Meet Mike Trainor: Assistant Coach
October 23, 2009
The Trainors do what it takes to be a winning team.
Commercial/Coach DMV
6. Commercial/Coach DMV
September 18, 2009
Mike and his former rival do a post-game commentary and makes a commercial spot with Adele. Chill assists Coach in getting his driver's license renewed.
5. Lenny
October 11, 2009
Coach is begged by Adele to be on his best behavior as her sister and brother-in-law pay the Trainor's a visit.
Snoop/Fat Kid
4. Snoop/Fat Kid
October 9, 2009
Mike and Chill hire their cousin to recover missing money.
Mom at Bar/Train Buddy
3. Mom at Bar/Train Buddy
October 2, 2009
Adele takes over at the bar when the bartender quits. Meanwhile, Coach gets a taste of freedom while Adele is out of the house.
House Rules-Anniversary
2. House Rules-Anniversary
September 23, 2009
Former NFL star Mike Trainor gets a chance at a fresh start.
1. Pilot
September 25, 2009
Mike's mother feels he has committed a personal foul when he lets his date stay over night. She decides to set up some house rules for the boys. And Coach, the man of the house is in hot water after forgetting his wedding anniversary.
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    September 25, 2009
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    8.0  (409)