Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon

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What do people do when they don't realize that they are being filmed? Watch and find out as celebrity Nick Cannon catches unsuspecting people in a multitude of funny situations. Next time you are out and about be sure to look over for hidden cameras because you might just end of on TV!

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on NBC
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes
December 19, 2014
Cast: Nick Cannon
Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon

Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon Full Episode Guide

  • Nick Cannon features thrilling and sometimes chilling videos.

  • Nick Cannon features dramatic stories of people who endured incredibly rough commutes.

  • Nick Cannon features some of the back stories to surprising viral videos.

  • Nick Cannon features internet videos of animals that love kids.

  • Nick Cannon features some of the hottest viral videos out there-can you tell if they're real or fake?

  • Nick Cannon features adrenaline pumping videos. Meet the people who go to the extremes playing sports-and having fun.

  • Nick Cannon features videos that prove every day that humans are awesome!

  • Nick Cannon features the girls and boys who blew up the internet.

  • Nick Cannon shares stories of heroes who saved the day-and the people who actually survived.

  • Twisters, floods and other extreme weather events are caught on video.

  • Host Nick Cannon shares the inside scoop on some wild videos, including daredevil stunts gone wrong, a combat wedding, fake viral videos, hilarious Vines and heroic pets.