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  • 2022
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.9  (117)

Customer Wars is an intense reality competition show that pits customer service representatives against each other in various challenges to determine who can provide the best customer experience. Hosted by comedian Jeff Dunham and his popular puppet characters, the show takes place in a massive call center arena equipped with hundreds of cubicles, phones, and computers.

In each episode, a group of customer service reps from various companies across different industries compete to show they have what it takes to satisfy even the most difficult customers. Before every challenge, Jeff and his puppets provide humorous commentary mocking bad customer service and highlighting what is at stake - the reputation of the contestants’ companies.

The competition begins with a speed challenge where contestants must handle back-to-back calls as quickly and efficiently as possible while providing excellent service. Buzzers sound when time is up and any unfinished calls count against their score. Next is a roleplaying challenge where contestants interact with professional actors posing as difficult customers with complex issues and complaints. The reps are evaluated not just on whether they solved the issue but how they made the customer feel in the process.

In later episodes, the challenges get more difficult. Contestants could be troubleshooting intense technical problems, defusing angry callers demanding refunds, or even taking calls in a foreign language. Successful reps need product expertise, problem-solving skills, and empathy to triumph here.

Alongside the challenges, there are opportunities to get to know the contestants through video packages and interviews. These provide backstories on their customer service experience and passion for helping people. When reps are eliminated, they share what they learned and often pledge to bring a renewed focus on delivering excellent service back to their companies.

In the season finale, the top two competitors face off in the ultimate customer service challenge. They must handle several calls in a row from Jeff’s puppets who stay in character as extremely picky, rude, and unreasonable customers. It is a true test of stamina, composure, and creative problem solving.

In the end, only one rep will be crowned Customer Service Champion and win a $100,000 cash prize for themselves and their company. They will have proven without a doubt that they can handle any customer situation with skill and a smile - even in the high pressure environment of Customer Wars.

Viewers are sure to find Customer Wars highly entertaining while also picking up tips and strategies to improve their own customer service skills. The show celebrates those dedicated workers on the frontlines who keep customers satisfied against all odds. With hosts Jeff Dunham and his hilarious puppet co-stars, this competition series delivers laughs and heart in equal measure. Audiences will be inspired by the reps’ passion and dedication while enjoying all the dramatic excitement of a live customer service arena.

Customer Wars is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (72 episodes). The series first aired on November 15, 2022.

Customer Wars
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War of the Words
16. War of the Words
July 23, 2024
On a bus in Maryland, a heated argument between two passengers escalates to a dangerous breaking point. In a New York City pet store, a woman is asked to leave after kicking a puppy's kennel, but how she treats an innocent bystander before exiting shocks everyone. At a grocery store in Baltimore, a customer is upset after an employee allegedly calls him a name. While parasailing off the gulf in Florida, three friends begin to panic after seeing what they believe to be sharks in the water below.
Customer Wars Top 10: Emergency Exit
15. Customer Wars Top 10: Emergency Exit
July 16, 2024
On this top ten countdown special, patrons cause a scene and are shown the door in dramatic fashion.
Customer Wars Top 10: Labor Pains
14. Customer Wars Top 10: Labor Pains
July 9, 2024
See what happens when employees get fed up and totally snap in this top ten special of Customer Wars.
Passenger Pandemonium
13. Passenger Pandemonium
July 9, 2024
On a runway in Los Angeles, California, travelers get annoyed at a passenger who appears to be disruptive. At a tennis match in Queens, New York, a father-daughter duo engage in a heated argument with another fan over proper sports etiquette. In Phoenix, Arizona, a high-end haircut gone wrong leaves one woman in hysterics. Two women at a fast food drive-thru in London, England, butt heads with employees. In Stamford, Connecticut, a boat engulfed in flames threatens to spread to an entire marina.
Haircut Heroes
12. Haircut Heroes
June 25, 2024
At a diner in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, a canceled order leads to a confrontation between two customers and an employee. Two hammer-wielding robbers break into a London antique shop, in a brutal smash and grab robbery.
Fast Food Fury
11. Fast Food Fury
June 18, 2024
At a fast food drive thru in Iowa, a customer's tone when trying to retrieve his debit card leads to a tense conflict with employees. In a Wisconsin store, police confront a man suspected of shoplifting.
Coffee Conundrum
10. Coffee Conundrum
June 11, 2024
At a convenience store in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, a disagreement over coffee creamers ends up with the police being called. In a Paterson, New Jersey cellular shop, an employee traps two would-be robbers inside the store.
Boatside Brawl
9. Boatside Brawl
June 4, 2024
At a Dallas airport, confusion over seating assignments on a plane ends with police intervention. In Montgomery, Alabama, a dispute over boat parking leads to a huge brawl on the docks. A rideshare passenger in Chicago takes issue with a driver's dashcam. In Medellin, Colombia, a tourist helicopter with six people on board experiences a sudden and terrifying issue on takeoff.
Out of Order
8. Out of Order
May 28, 2024
Tempers flare when a Los Angeles drive thru's cashless payment system goes down. In South Africa, a tour bus full of tourists take cover from an aggressive elephant. A woman in Indiana tells her father she wants to apply for one of the world's most dangerous jobs. A tornado rips through a car dealership in Trevose, Pennsylvania, with devastating consequences. A hot air balloon causes chaos when it crash lands at an outdoor festival in Missouri.
Shopping Bag Shenanigans
7. Shopping Bag Shenanigans
May 28, 2024
At a big box store in Encino, California, a customer fumes as an item she purchased is no longer in her shopping bag. In Saugus, Massachusetts, a man relaxing in the jacuzzi is shocked when he finds the gym has closed and he is now locked inside. At a Columbus, Mississippi hotel, an employee and a family attempting to check in argue over room availability. In Culcheth, England, a car barrels through a restaurant window, nearly missing a group of unsuspecting diners. In a parking lot in Lincoln, Nebraska, a man driving a skid loader results in a tense standoff with police.
Retail Rampage
6. Retail Rampage
May 21, 2024
At a sandwich shop in Hemet, CA, two customers confront store employees about their unsatisfactory meal. A customer in a Las Vegas, NV drugstore who is pepper sprayed by a security guard uses the store's milk to find relief.
Public Transit Peril
5. Public Transit Peril
May 21, 2024
An employee of a Minnesota big box store confronts a customer about her receipt. An argument on a public bus in Houston takes a shocking turn when shots are fired. A pet shop owner in Valley Glen, California goes all out to protect a McCaw. In Dickinson, Texas, a customer and a gas station employee argue over whether or not a gas pump is working. At a ski resort in the country of Georgia, a disastrous chair lift malfunction sends skiers flying through the air.
Stadium Scramble
4. Stadium Scramble
May 14, 2024
In Lebanon, Oregon, a pay-it-forward chain at a coffee shop drive-thru gets derailed when a customer is accused of cutting the line. At a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, a mother with her baby is confronted by another patron. At a car dealership in Bedford, Ohio, a dispute between a customer and an employee comes to a terrifying head. In Texas, a delivery driver struggles on the icy steps of a porch. In Miami, Florida, fans scramble to save a cat dangling from a stadium's upper level. At a carnival in Juarez, Mexico, a thrill seeker gets more than she bargained for on a pendulum ride.
Convenience Store Chaos
3. Convenience Store Chaos
May 14, 2024
In Kansas City, Missouri, a convenience store clerk and a customer get into a heated and prolonged confrontation. In North Carolina, two sibling whitewater rafting guides physically fight each other on a raft as it makes its way down a river. In Ontario, Canada, a pair of car mechanics are caught on dashcam taking a vehicle on an unexpected errand. At a gym in Ohio, a woman gets stuck upside down on an inversion table, with no rescue in sight. In Louisville, Kentucky a karaoke host loses his cool over a patron's aggressive singing style.
Delivery Disaster
2. Delivery Disaster
May 7, 2024
At an Atlanta Airport, a woman berates airline staff after apparently being removed from her flight. In Covington, Georgia, a delivery driver rushing to drop off a package makes a big mistake
Scuffle on the Slopes
1. Scuffle on the Slopes
May 7, 2024
In Texas, an angry cell phone customer wreaks havoc in a store with a metal stool. A mistaken assumption creates an awkward situation for a food delivery worker in Maryland. In Canada, a thrown snowball leads to a scuffle on the slopes.
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  • Premiere Date
    November 15, 2022
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (117)