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Set at the Best Friends Animal Society in southern Utah, DogTown is a Nationally Geographic-produced show that follows the training, rehabilitation and placement of the dogs who live at the Best Friends facility. Many of the dogs featured on "DogTown" have extreme behavioral issues, are severely under-socialized, are in need of medical care or are otherwise considered "unadoptable."

Produced in a documentary style, DogTown shadows the trainers, behaviorists, veterinarians, staff and volunteers as they go through their day-to-day life at the Best Friends facility. Each episode typically features 3 dogs and showcases their entry into the program, their struggle to integrate, the care and training they've received and that dog's journey from "dog no one wanted" to adoptable and available as a forever friend.

With the goal of securing adoptive homes for the dogs under their care, Best Friends Animal Society offers a safe, secure place for dogs to receive the care, attention and training they need while they wait for a forever family. While not every dog living at Best Friends ultimately finds a home, Best Friends is a no-kill facility and offers life-long sanctuary for the dogs living there. DogTown provides a way to get each dog on the air and to secure public attention and support for Best Friends' mission and goals.

By showcasing the nitty-gritty, down and dirty details of rescue work and the dogs served, DogTown provides a behind-the-scenes look into the life of the staff, volunteers and dogs who are working on bettering themselves, making a difference, putting these "throwaway" dogs back on the right track and sending them home, forever, and for the final time. The glimpse into the real work behind canine rehabilitation is raw, real and easily viewable via DogTown.

Fridays at 10:00 pm on National Geographic
1 Season, 29 Episodes
September 5, 2008
Animals, Reality
Cast: Chuck Thompson
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DogTown Full Episode Guide

  • Rosa could die of a life-threatening problem if veterinarian Dr. Mike Dix can't figure it out,

  • Dog care manager Michelle Besmehn selects dogs rescued from a shut-down Pennsylvania puppy mill who are most in need of Dogtown's help. Among them are Parker, a dachshund with rotten teeth and Barney, a shih tzu with a skin infection on his feet. Animal care manager Jeff Popowich works to train Buzz, an aggressive seven-year-old rottweiler, to make him a safer dog.

  • An 8-week-old Catahoula mix is severely ill and Dr. Patti is presented with a new disease she has never seen before.

  • A new program trains shelter dogs to search and rescue.

  • The economic crisis has forced countless families to give up their beloved animals -- and DogTown adopts several of them.

  • John and Mackenzie Garcia have to say good-bye to their foster dog, Little Girl.

  • Sherry Woodard takes on the challenge of socializing Shaggy, a dog who struggled to survive in the Grand Canyon for 6 years.

  • Meet one of DogTown's toughest challenges: Clemance, a shepherd mix rescued from the 2006 Lebanon-Israel war.

  • John Garcia searches for a pit bull rescued from Michael Vick's property.

  • A West Virginia puppy mill was found to contain a group of mistreated canines the rescuers have saved.

  • Jeff heads off to New Orleans to assist in the rescue of dogs from Hurricane Gustov.

  • The largest no-kill animal facility in the U.S. helps rehabilitate problem pooches to find them new homes.

  • Trainer Ann Allums helps a puppy named Tuxedo, suffering from salmonella poisoning, which caused blindness. Also, a border collie mix is brought into DogTown, having killed some chickens and a pet Yorkie.

  • Jeff heads out to help the dogs who were affected by Hurricane Gustav in New Orleans.

  • Singer-songwriter Emmylou Harris brings her Shepard mix in to take care of it's vicious tendencies. Also, Patti Iampietro performs surgery on a pit bull with a unknown mass in it's belly.

  • A Shepard mix breed arrives from the Middle East war zone having been rescued and suffering from post-traumatic stress. Plus, a Terrier mix which was rescued from Hurricane Katrina is now afraid of any new situations which arise.

  • Two abandoned dogs which were saved from inside an underground cave are worked on by Sherry Woodward to improve their social skills. Also, a golden retriever has his paw fixed up after having it caught inside a coyote trap.

  • Several older dogs suffering from severe medical problems are removed from an overcrowded puppy mill. Also, risky lung surgery is performed on a adult Lab-mix.

  • A shy puppy arrives with a severe skin condition. Also, eight beagles are rescued before being euthanized.

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