Embarrassing Bodies (US)

Embarrassing Bodies is a British medical show that uses an innovative brand of interaction that has taken the world and rendered it captivated. The premise of Embarrassing Bodies follows a series of medical experts who are aiming to help all people, specifically those patients who have a medical condition but are too shy or embarrassed to go into a real doctor's office for a consultation. Through technological web visits, viewers can also learn how to self-diagnose at home so that they get over the fear and self-ridicule of going into a doctor's office and exposing some of their most intimate held within.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Health
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 27, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Embarrassing Bodies (US)

Embarrassing Bodies (US) Full Episode Guide

  • A woman with decaying teeth;a woman who snores excessively.

  • Stuart's big belly condition; Peter faces incontinence.

  • Featured in this episode is a woman with hair on her face and body and a woman with symmastia.

  • Featured in this episode is a man with armpits that are rotting away and a woman with an excessive sweating issue.

  • Featured in this episode is a man with gynecomastia and a man with erectile dysfunction.

  • Featured in this episode is a women with extremely swollen hands and feet and a man who, while on vacation, received a painful problem.

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