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Jane Austen's beloved novel comes to life with this 1972 television serial. Emma is a young woman with a lot of enthusiasm for love. She tries to arrange good marriages for Miss Taylor, Mister Elton and all of her closest confidantes. Little does she know, however, that she still has a lot to learn about romance. Join other viewers who love to hate this controversial classical character.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
July 20, 1972
Cast: Doran Godwin, John Carson, Donald Eccles, Constance Chapman
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Emma Full Episode Guide

  • Fire breaks out at the Mölders' home, and Emma rushes to help! Meanwhile, William has his hands tied trying to save the family business; today is the last day before the railway project is closed.

  • The Viscount's plan was carried out flawlessly, and now the Jones family faces financial ruin. There are only a few days left to save the railway project, and the company itself.

  • William now knows the location of the Mölders house, and of Emma. He heads there with a purpose, but how will Emma react when she sees him?

  • The decision to call off the engagement is slowly breaking the Jones family apart. And to make matters worse, Viscount Campbell has set a terrible scheme into motion...

  • Distraught at what's happened to the Jones family and blaming herself for it all, Emma runs away. But Hans follows after her, determined to bring her home.

  • William's decision is made: he's going to call off the engagement. But such harsh actions will have harsh consequences, especially where Viscount Campbell is involved.

  • William's heart has been thrown into turmoil. In an attempt to calm him, William's mother tells him about her past, along with what happened between her and Richard.

  • Mrs. Trollope asks Emma to join her at her son's engagement party, as an attendant. Mrs. Molders decides that Emma will go, but it's a decision that Emma might soon regret.

  • The Mölders family will soon travel to their house in London. They ordinarily take a few servants along, and Emma is afraid she might be picked for the position.

  • Emma accompanies Dorothea to visit a mysterious woman known only as "Mrs. Trollope." Meanwhile, William goes to see a play in his ill sister's stead, but a surprise awaits him there...

  • William, still recovering from the loss of Emma, receives an invitation from Eleanor to visit the crystal palace. Will he be able to escape the memories that haunt him there?

  • Emma has traveled to the faraway village of Haworth to start a new life. Now employed by the wealthy Mölders family, she finds herself faced with an eccentric mistress and surrounded by dozens of other servants.

  • Emma prepares to leave London. Will William meet her in time?

  • Emma visits with Al, and William's father conspires to set his son up with Eleanor.

  • Emma visits the Jones estate. What secrets will they find?

  • Emma reminisces about her life with Mrs. Stowner.

  • Mrs. Stowner's pocket watch is in need of repair, so Emma takes it to be fixed.

  • On her day off, William takes Emma to see the exhibits at the world-famous Crystal Palace.

  • Harriet has been rescued from an embarrassing situation and her susceptible emotions have been stirred again. Emma has been reprimanded by Mr. Knightley.

  • After Emma rebuffs his proposal, Mr. Elton marries an abrasive and social-climbing woman who upsets the predictable social life of Highbury.

  • Frank Churchill and Emma have been discussing Jane Fairfax and the mystery behind the piano that she has been given.

  • After encouraging Harriet to fall in love with Mr. Elton, Emma now has to face the unpleasant task of telling Harriet about Mr. Elton's proposal to her.

  • After befriending Harriet Smith, a young woman of "questionable birth," Emma convinces her to reject a farmer who truly loves her. Meanwhile Emma tries to find Harriet a groom of higher social standing. A comedy of errors unfolds as the chosen groom thinks Emma herself is attracted to him.

  • Emma Woodhouse has just attended the marriage of a dear friend and now fears that her own life will become boring & dull.

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