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Escape Club is a reality-based television series on the E! network. The show takes six men and six women in their twenties on a getaway from their everyday lives. They are stationed on a beautiful, tropical beach in the Dominican Republic. The catch? They will be cut off from their lives back home--no phones or contact with the people and the lives they are leaving behind.

Each member is competing for a prize, which consists of a full year escape, all expenses paid. The challenges come as people from their lives are brought in to stir up some drama. These people include friends, enemies, family, or even exes. Will the escapees find happiness in their new lives, away from everything they know and love?

Escape Club is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on June 8, 2014.

Escape Club is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Escape Club on demand atAmazon, Vudu, NBC, Google Play online.

Sunday 10:00 PM ET on E!
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
June 8, 2014
Cast: Lisa Baldassarre
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Escape Club Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, Poppy and Georgie Carlton immerse themselves in American holidays, learning about the lovely pre-Christmas event that is Thanksgiving by attending and giving a speech at a parade before making themselves at home with a host family who are kind enough to offer them dinner. They also attend Tu Bishvat, Groundhog Day and steal the show in an elaborate production of the Nativity. TV personality and fashion designer Whitney Port is on hand to help them through the festive maze.

  • Tonight's episode sees the siblings taking on the alien world of work, starting with a consultation on how to create the perfect résumé, then cooking up a storm in an American diner, before taking to the city streets as drivers for rideshare company Lyft. The episode also includes the Carlton's attending a job fair to show off their new skills and make an inspirational speech. TV star and entrepreneur Lisa Vanderpump is on hand for advice.

  • Siblings Poppy and Georgie are on a mission to find out what the future holds for the human race, starting with a simulated trip to Mars. Next up they meet people who are hoping to survive the apocalypse before joining a political candidate with a more hopeful vision. Star Trek legend George Takei guides them on their quest.

  • Aspiring online commentators Poppy and Georgie have romance on their minds. As well as mastering dating etiquette, and becoming officiants at a New Orleans wedding, their path to true love leads them to learn the art of tantra, resulting in some very intimate moments with a stranger. Advice on all things romantic comes from actor Michael Urie (The Good Wife, Ugly Betty).

  • In this episode, self-styled investigative YouTube journalists Poppy and Georgie are looking at the world of American sports by trying their hand at being pundits on a TV show, becoming a mascot for a college basketball team, visiting a drag-race track before trying the fictional and arguably pointless sport of Quidditch. Expert information is delivered by basketball legend Dennis Rodman.

  • The Carlton's explore the great outdoors, which sees them getting up close and very personal with some Floridian wildlife, hiking a trail with some real Americans, saving lives on a popular beach and finally sharing their own very particular brand of empathy with a group of protesters. Broadway star and actress Laura-Bell Bundy is helping the aristocrats to clear up any and all misunderstandings.

  • Poppy and Georgie Carlton have returned to the U.S. and are looking at the art of beauty. The season premiere sees them visiting a school to learn to execute the perfect blow-dry, judging a beautiful baby competition and selflessly contributing to world peace by taking part in a beauty pageant. American TV host Mario Lopez is on hand to answer the siblings' questions on every aspect of beauty.

  • In the season finale, all the cast-offs return for a final vote to determine which escapee will win the Great Escape! Jesse hatches a plan to break up Aundre and P'etra--and the results are explosive! Then, the final five plead their cases for winning the competition. Can the cast-offs see past their grudges and pick the person most deserving? Team Awesome chooses to pool their votes--but will it be enough to overcome all those people they sent home? Find out!

  • A handful of confession videos stir up drama. Meagan and Lisa suffer a fall out while Team Awesome threatens to crumble in a double elimination.

  • The escapees are given the opportunity that will change the whole game.

  • Aundre seeks vengeance and ends up being caught off guard by the arrival of somebody from his past.

  • Jesse creates an alliance with two couples and considers having to betray friends in order to stay in the competition.

  • The nine remaining contestants get to experience Dominican culture; at the same time, alliances and relationships begin getting muddled as closer bonds are formed. One unsuspecting member gets blindsided at elimination.

  • Whitney joins the guys for a zip lining trip in the jungle while the rest of the ladies stay behind.

  • In the series premiere, twelve competitors battle to keep their place in paradise.

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